List of Free COVID-19 Health IT Products and Services

As you can imagine, we’ve been innundated with COVID-19 related health IT news. We’ve done our best to cover the areas we thought were most important to healthcare organizations. In many cases, that means we’ve been covering the big changes to government regulations and the government funding available to hospitals and healthcare organizations. In other cases, we’ve covered examples of organizations showing success as they deal with COVID-19 in their organization.

One area that we haven’t covered was the wide variety of free health IT products and services that health IT companies have been offering. In some respects, we just haven’t had the time to cover them the way they deserve to be covered. Plus, there were so many of them, how do we pick and choose which ones we highlight and which ones we don’t. Combine the two and we really haven’t highlighted many of the free COVID-19 offers companies are making.

Well, maybe the COVID-19 news curve is flattening or maybe we just got one too many free COVID-19 product or service pitch, but below you’ll find our list of free COVID-19 Health IT Products and Services. It certainly won’t be comprehensive to start, but as we hear about more free products and services, we’ll be adding to the list. If you are making such an offer, let us know here.

Before we share the list, a word of caution. Many of these companies we know and have interacted with, but we certainly don’t know all of them. We haven’t vetted their products. We also haven’t dove into the details of the contracts they want you to sign and if there are any hidden gotchas in their “free” offer. We unfortunately have to leave that up to you as you see a product or service you find interesting that could help your organization. As should always be the case, buyer beware and just because COVID-19 is upon us, do the best you can to slow down a minute and make sure you understand the details of each offer. With that slight disclaimer, the right offer might be a nice way to on board a needed capability that you can use during the crisis and well after the COVID-19 pandemic.

List of Free COVID-19 Health IT Products and Services


SR Health by Solutionreach is offering free 30-day usage of its emergency communications to keep patients connected with providers during the outbreak. Communications include broadcast email and text messaging to all or subsets of patients, two-way text messaging, and the ability to enable telehealth visits by including links in appointment messages. Details


Boomi, a Dell Technologies Business, is offering a free “Answers on Demand” chatbot to help non-profits and healthcare get the commonly asked questions answered quickly on your website rather than flooding your call center and staff with common questions.  Details


TransformativeMed is offering free access to their EHR embedded core COVID-19 app to all Cerner Millennium hospitals. Details


CareCognitics is offering a free COVID-19 screening tool for healthcare organizations and testing sites. Includes a chat bot available through mobile, desktop, via text, or through an automated phone system.  They’re also offering an Employee screening tool to ensure workforce fitness for work.  Disclosure: John Lynn from Healthcare IT Today is an adviser to CareCognitics.  Details

Boston Software Systems

Boston Software Systems is offering their productivity dashboard to evaluate department and remote staff more effectively with no licensing or support fee for the first year.  Details


Redox has collaborated with 14 digital health partners and is waiving their subscription or license fees from April to June to help healthcare organizations deploy applications immediately to enhance their COVID-19 response.  Details  They also held a free COVID-19 virtual conference which you can still watch the free replay.  Details


CareSignal is offering a free COVID-19 educational text messaging program that connects members of your community with local public health resources and CDC guidelines.  See Colin’s interview with CareSignal’s Co-founder and CEODetails


Imprivata is offering licenses to its enterprise multifactor authentication solution, Imprivata Confirm ID for Remote Access, at no-cost to all users to enable convenient and secure remote access to networks. Details  Existing Ground Control customers in the US & Canada are eligible for GroundControl licenses at no cost through July 31, 2020.

Stericycle Communication Solutions

Stericycle Communication Solutions is providing complimentary access to their message broadcast text and voice communication services through April 30. Details  Stericycle also has partnered with HealthAware to provide free COVID Risk Assessments for all of 2020 or you can get them directly from HealthAware.


ProviderTrust is offering no-cost license verification of healthcare workers responding to COVID-19 outbreak hotspots (ie. pretty much everyone dealing with needing more professionals for COVID-19).  Details


pMD offers a free HIPAA compliant app for secure communication, which includes free telehealth for healthcare providers.  The app is available for both iOS and Android. Details


Bridgecom is providing three months free access to the Bridgecom Outreach Platform for call centers and care management teams, health systems and health plans, and qualified emergency response teams.  Details

First DataBank (FDB)

First Databank (FDB) is providing free online databases on new and experimental drugs and medical supplies. Details on COVID-19 Drug Database and Medical Devices and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Database


Nuance is offering a plethora of free content packs, 90 day add-on licenses for things like Dragon Medical One and PowerMic Mobile, and more.  Also includes volume increases, virtual support, and 90 doay application licenses for PowerShare and PowerScribe.  Also 90 days free access to the AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging.  Details


Kno2 is offering its on-demand patient record retrieval service at no charge.  Check out more details on this free patient record retrieval service and the connection to Carequality and CommonWell in our previous story.  Details


Consensus is now allowing healthcare providers to query and retrieve patient records at no charge through Carequality duing the COVID-19 pandemic.  Details

Goliath Technologies

Goliath Technologies is offering a short-term subscription and free implementation options to support the increased usage, workloads, and performance demands of your virtualized desktop and application infrastructure (Citrix of VMware Horizon). Details is offering their medication adherence platform free to providers managing the COVID-19 crisis. Details


Bluestream is offering a free telehealth solution for healthcare professionals.  Details


Cureatr is offering Meds 360° Medication Management Software for free until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.  Details


MDmetrix is publishing daily control charts for the US and each state for new COVID-19 cases and deaths per day.  Details


AHIMA has provided two new COVID-19 CDI query templates for free to all healthcare professionals.  Details

Dimensional Insight

Dimensional Insight is providing a complimentary COVID-19 toolkit that will provide critical measures or KPIs that hospitals and health systems need to track to better manage their COVID-19 patients, as well as the rest of their patient population, and a capacity management dashboard that displays these current measures in an easy to understand format. Details


SyTrue is offering free AI-based solutions to public health organizations.  Details

Modernizing Medicine

Modernizing Medicine is providing free telehealth real-time audio and video capabilities to EMA for all their customers during the crisis. Details


CPSI launched Talk With Your Doc free telehealth solution.  Details


MEDITECH offers all Patient and Consumer Health Portal customer complimentary deployment of our Scheduled Virtual Visits functionality for a six-month period. Details


MedPower is offering free MEDITECH virtual visit training which pairs nicely with the aforementioned free MEDITECH virtual visit offer.  Details

Navin, Haffty, & Associates

Navin, Haffty, & Associates launched NHA Lends A Hand where any MEDITECH customer can dial into their call center and be connected with one of their MEDITECH consultants for a free MEDITECH EHR guidance or advice. Just call them at (508) 948-6791 or email them at


Nordic has launched an “Ask Nordic” service at no-cost.  Just send questions to, and experienced Nordic teammates will respond with best practice suggestions and tips for configurations related to their health IT infrastructure.  Details


Geneia is offering a free license to healthcare organizations until September 30, 2020 of their Theon Platform for Care Mangagement to easily triage, outreach to and engage patients for care coordination.  Details

GE Healthcare and Microsoft

GE Healthcare and Microsoft are offering their COVID-19 application within their Edison platform that provides a central hub from which hospital staff can monitor patients in intensive are units including those on vents with software costs waived until January 2021.  Installation costs are not waived. Details

Google Cloud

Google Cloud offers a free COVID-19 public dataset program.  Details

Experian Health

Experian Health made available a free list of COVID-19 and telehealth payer policy alerts for United States hospitals, medical groups, pharmacies and specialty healthcare service organizations. Details

Henry Schein Medical

Henry Schein Medical if offering customers free 90-day access to VisualDx’s clinical decision support system  to help frontline providers, in person and via telemedicine, amid COVID19..  Details


TextUs is providing a free emergency text line to healthcare organizations throughout Q2. Details


JotForm is offering free unlimited JotForm accounts for coronavirus responders.  Details


pCare has created a tool to help your facility and staff navigate the challenges of COVID-19.  They are offering free access to the RapidRounds COVID-19 Preparedness edition. Details


Repisodic is making their platform for post-acute care discharges for COVID-19 patients free for all US health systems for the next 3 months.  Details

First Orion

First Orion is offering their Inform Call Enhancement to Essential Service Providers at no cost during COVID-19.  This lets a healthcare organization or clinician create a custom caller ID name.  Details


LiveProcess launched a free COVID-19 response package to health health systems coordinate and track the pandemic.  Includes the virtual situation center for shared coordination and tracking of staff and medical resources.  Details


Lumeris has pushed to GitHub their open source COVID-19 Hospitallization index to help predict the likelihood of hospitalization during the pandemic.  Details


Experity is offering a free COVID-19 check-in, triage, texting, and telemedicine app.  Details


Bright.MD is offering hosptials a free COVID-19 screener tool. Details


DocASAP is offering a free COVID-19 Self-Assessment tool.  You can test the tool here and email to request the free tool.

Health Catalyst

Health Catalyst is providing both existing customers and non customers a number of COVID-19 solutions including a COVID-19 Registry, Dashboard, and Capacity Planning Tool. Details and full COVID-19 Product Suite


Salesforce through their Healthcare Cloud will provide free access to their technology for emergency response teams, call centers, and care management teams for health systems affected by coronavirus  Details


BurstIQ has launched a free, international public data utility called Research Foundry to help researchers collaborate, access data, and co-develop solutions.  Details

Zibdy Health

Zibdy Health is offering their free platform for at-home monitoring of suspected and confirmed COVID-19 cases. Details


Allevia is offering their intelligent intake platform completely free of charge to primary care providers, clinics, and health systems during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Details

eDX and Harvard

eDX and Harvard are offering a free online course on ventilator use. Details

CAE Healthcare

CAE Healthcare is offering their Blue Phantom COVID 19 Lung Ultrasound Training simulator for free for the month of April.  Details  They’ve also partnered with Area 9 Lyceum for a COVID-19 ventilator reskilling course and other courses.

Verge Health

Verge Health is offering access to their compliance rounding solution for free to all healthcare organizations.  Details

Zynx Health

Zynx Health is offering their COVID-19 order set and care plant to nonsubscribers at no cost.  Subscribers can access it in AuthorSpace.  Details

Configo Health

Configo Health is offering a free COVID-19 Recovery Accelerator tool for hospitals.  This tool allows hospitals to scenario plan and optimize the managed ramp up of elective procedure volume.  Details


Tableau is offering a free COVID-19 Data Hub and free training for COVID-19 data.  Details

Collective Medical

Collective Medical is offering their COVID-19 public health tool at no cost through 2020 to non-customers and at no charge to all existing organizations on the Collective Network.  Details


Supportiv is providing free 24/7 access to their support network to healthcare professionals that need additional support amidst the pandemic.  Details


Elsevier is providing free access to toolkits, expert insights, research resource, and COVID-19 guidelines in their new COVID-19 Healthcare Hub.  Details  They also have a Novel Coronavirus Information center which provides free access to the latest clinical peer-reviewed research and information on coronavirus to benefit researchers and clinicians. Details

SecurityScorecard and H-ISAC

SecurityScorecard and H-ISAC have expanded SecurityScorecard’s Project Escher to offer free security monitoring services to hospital systems.  Details


TigerConnect is offering free access to a new COVID-19 Physician Secure Messaging Network with verified physicians sharing COVID-19 information. Details  They’re also offering new users 6 months of free access to their TigerConnect texting network and free expansion of licenses for current TigerText Essentials customers.


T-System is providing complimentary influenza and COVID-19 T Sheets to all us clinicians and healthcare organizations.  Details


Verato is offering their “Telehealth Identity Bridge” product to reduce duplicate records due to telehealth at no charge to healthcare delivery organizations, health plans, and public health agencies.  There will be no cost through 2020 and no obligation during or after this period.  Details


Microsoft has made their teams product which provides chat, team collaboration, file storage, and video calling available for free.  Details

Halo Health

Halo Health is providing their secure messaging platform to healthcare organizations at no cost for up to 6 months. Details


Mobitrace is providing their Nurseflow application free of charge to hospitals.  Details

Open Health Network

Open Health Network is offering a free tool available for people to track symptoms, share data with physicians, manage medications, find testing centers, donate plasma, etc.  It’s available in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, & Russian.  Details

Medicus AI and BioneXt Lab

BioneXt Lab has worked with Medicus AI to create a new app called CoVive that evaluates your probability of having contracted COVID-19, and helps you monitor your symptoms and vitals whether you have tested positive for the virus or not. Details

Jump Technologies

Jump Technologies is offering its new Allocated Inventory Solution to all hospitals at no charge until the situation begines to normalize. Details

Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer is collaborating with AHIMA and providing the Wolters Kluwer MediRegs weekly regulatory highlights to AHIMA members for free through the site.


PerfectServe is offering complimentary support to clients to implement COVID-19 best practices.  Details


Orbita has released a new no-cost COVID-19 Screening Chatbot that can be integrated into an existing website.  Details


CareDash offers Doctors a free CareDash telehealth listing can help drive new patients to telehealth appointments.  Details


PrecisionLife is offering their Genomic/Epidemiology analysis tools to research teams who can supply large amounts of patient data that needs to be processed quickly.  Details

Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO)

Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) recently offered IMO Precision COVID-19 Sets to all customers to be used to identify and analyze patients who have been exposed to or are suspected to be infected with or have been diagnosed with COVID-19.  Details


OptimizeRx has launched a free interactive text message alert program available to the general public that delivers coronavirus (COVID-19) information issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) directly to any SMS-enabled mobile device.  You can text VIRUS to 55150 to subscribe to the service. Details


Doximity is offering healthcare professionals their free Doximity Dialer app to communicate with patients including a HIPAA-secure video call.  Details


OmniSYS is offering pharmacists and pharmacies free COVID-19 Testing training.  Details


RS21 has shared their Urban Health Vulnerability Index maps which considers chronic conditions and age as a way to anticipate needs for medical resources and to inform policy decisions.  Details has pushed a free, open-source vulnerability tool to Github.  Details

Curago Health

Curago Health is offering their Curago telehealth virtual visit solution for free for 60 days.  This includes their COVID-19 screening tool that screens patients for COVID-19 as part of the check-in.  Details

Buoy Health

Buoy Health has always provided a free symptom checker and triage agent, but now they have a free COVID-19 symptom checker.  Details


MERGE is offering a free open source website plugin that adds a COVID-19 symptom checker to your website.  Details


Spok is helping their current customers by providing licenses for some of their solutions at no charge during the COVID-19 crisis.  The solutions support remote work, hospital-wide communication, and make it easier to quickly and reliably notify staff during emergency situations. Details


TractManager has made all of their supply chain and clinical evidence reports related to COVID available for free.  Details


Capsule is offering their Ventilated Patient Surveillance Workstation for free during the pandemic to all existing Capsule clients.  Details

Welby Health

Welby Health is offering their virtual care platform for physicians to manage their patients remotely, including telehealth, secure messaging, virtual chat and also remote device connectivity free for the next 90 days. Details, an Infinite Leap Company is offering its Visitor Management and Family Communication Solutions at no cost to healthcare providers. Details

Ping Identity

Ping Identity is offering 6 months of free single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for new customers and free MFA for existing SSO customer.  Details

Mesh AI

Mesh AI  is providing all new subscriptions aimed at dealing with COVID-19 scheduling a zero-dollar subscription fee while COVID-19 is a pandemic.  Details

Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS is offering Workspaces to up to 50 users at no charge through June 30, 2020 for new customers. As part of this, they are bundling Amazon WorkDocs file storage with each Workspace.  Amazon WorkDocs provides secure collaboration on files that allows users to work together to create and share content.  Amazon is offering free use of Amazon Chime Pro from March 4 to June 30, 2020 for new customers.

Dock Health

Dock Health is offering their collaboration platform for free as long as it can be helpful during this public health crisis. Details


ezClinic is offering their HIPAA compliant telehealth service during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Details

CCube Solutions

CCube Solutions and their partners are offering a FREE time-limited scanning and hosting service, to any NHS organisation that needs to transport/share patient (paper) records.  It will be available for 4 months during April, May, June, and July 2020. Details


HealthTap is offering a FREE virtual “COVID Consult” with a U.S.-based, board-certified doctor for anyone experiencing flu-like symptoms including a cough, runny nose or fever.  Details


CareLoop is waiving all subscription license and implementation fees from now through July 1, 2020 for their healthcare communication solution.  Details


EmOpti is offering their ED Telehealth Platform for free during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Details

Epion Health

Epion Health is providing their at home check-in solution at no charge for new PreVisit users through may. Details

ER Express

ER Express is offering a free COVID-19 toolkit for 90 days that includes an online virtual waiting room or text to join waiting list, text based wait time and treatment notifications, pre-screening questionnaires and interactive chat bot, and electronic patient referrals (EDs only).  Details


Glooko is offering a secure, privacy-protected remote-care solution at no charge to medical clinics as a public service enabling safe, connected patient care during the pandemic. Details


MedBridge is offering their telehealth virtual visits solution free for 2 months with applicable enterprise subscription.  Details


Redivus is offering their Code Blue App free through July 1, 2020 to provide evidence-based clinical guidance and real-time documentation for patients that may be experiencing respiratory arrest or cardiac arrest.  Details


MayaMD is offering their AI powered Intake and Intelligent triage tool for free for hospitals and clinics for 90 days during the COVID-19 pandemic.  And it’s always free for patients.  Details


Proofpoint is offering their enterprise customers Proofpoint Meta for free until September 30, 2020.  Details

Swift Medical

Swift Medical is providing it’s new Telewound module to provide remote wound management to patients and their care providers at no cost as part of the Telewound Coalition. Details


Medallia is offering their Crowdicity platform for a free 90 day trial to crowdsource ideas and innovation from your community.  Details

American Hospital Association (AHA) and AVIA

American Hospital Association (AHA) and AVIA are offering all AHA members their COVID-19 Digital Response Pulse tool which allows hospitals and health systems to assess critical digital capabilities for COVID-19. Details


IntelyCare is offering a free online COVID-19 training course for nursing professionals. Details.

Orion Health

Orion Health is offering a comprehensive pandemic outbreak monitoring platform to alleviate demand on health systems and reduce the risk of further spread of the COVID-19 virus that is being offered at no cost to existing and future customers. Details


MediSeen is offering its secure, HIPAA compliant video-call screening software for free for all healthcare providers. Details


Humetrix is offering their mobile applications iBlueButton (Details) and SOS QR (Details) that apply the Humetrix AI analytics platform for the detection of specific diagnoses and medications that are known risk factors for severe Coronavirus disease. Humetrix is waiving their application subscription fees for 60 days.


RecoveryOne is offering its digital recovery platform for  recovery from musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions at no cost for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis.


WestFax is offering FREE HIPAA compliant fax service to individual PCP’s.

Identity Automation

Identity Automation, an IAM company, is offering current and prospective customers no-cost, no-strings-attached temporary licenses and installation training for RapidIdentity MFA and the RapidIdentity SSO portal through 9/30/2020. Current customers who take advantage of this offer will experience an upgrade to their current response times at no additional cost, and prospective customers will receive our free level of support. Details

HealtHIE Nevada , WISHIN, and Idaho Health Data Exchange

HealtHIE Nevada, WISHIN, and Idaho Health Data Exchange are all providing their provider portals for free during the COVID-19 crisis.


FIGmd is offering their health intelligence platform for free in response to COVID-19.  Details

S&P Consultants

S&P Consultants is offering a wide variety of services on a volunteer/donated basis to help healthcare IT organizations through this crisis. Details


Amwell has launched a telehealth solution for physician practices with less than 100 providers that is being offered with fully waived per provider fees through June 30, 2020.  Details

Bridge Connector

Bridge Connector is offering rapid deployment system integrations for COVID-19 use cases free of charge for six months. Details

SmarterDX and Enjoin

SmarterDX and Enjoin have teamed up to provide a complimentary COVID-19 Clinical Decision Support Platform with CDI Tips.  This free open source tool for hospitals and clinical frontline care providers helps support timely clinical triage, improved workflow, and physician-directed CDI guidance.   Details

Fair Warning

Fair Warning is offering its Patient Privacy Intelligence solution to help healthcare providers monitor access to COVID-19 patient records for free.


Caregility is offering current customers capacity expansion of the UHE Telehealth platform for 90 days at no cost, including use of the iConsult mobile application and iObserver virtual patient observation sitting application. New customers will also receive 90 day, no-cost capacity expansion after the purchase of the base UHE platform configuration.  Email for more info.

Revation Systems

Revation Systems launched a free telehealth service that securely connects healthcare professionals with their patients over video.  It’s free for the first 90 days and is called  Details


Availity has launched a COVID-19 Provider Resource Center that consolidates links to updates from more than 50 payers for information about patient eligibility, coding, claims processing, telehealth guidelines and more. Details


Cotiviti has introduced a COVID-19 Outbreak Tracker to map potentially hidden “hot spots” across the US using their Caspian Insights platform.  Details


LexisNexis Risk Solutions has launched a free COVID-19 Data Resource Center to provide county-level insights on at-risk populations and potential care capacity gaps to support the U.S. healthcare industry’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Details

Activate Care

Activate Care is offering their COVID-19 Response Platform for free.  Details


Relias is offering a  free digital toolkit, created for healthcare personnel and individuals, includes unrestricted access to online courses, webinars and resources on infection control, telehealth and more.  Details

RiskRecon and H-ISAC

RiskRecon, a Mastercard Company, and H-ISAC are offering free risk assessment services to all healthcare organizations now until the end of the year. Details


TeamViewer is offering TeamViewer Pilot, a fast, easy-to-use solution for remote assistance, powered by augmented reality (AR) to healthcare organizations through July 31, 2020. Details


Laserfiche is offering Laserfiche Cloud, an online document management and business process automation platform, for free for 6 months which allows healthcare organizations to upload and access content, and automate and accelerate key processes such as staff and patient onboarding. With Laserfiche Cloud, you can access your content wherever you go, whether from a computer or on a mobile device.  Details


Acmeware is providing a free COVID-19 dashboard for MEDITECH EHR facilities.  Details

Interlace Health

Interlace Health is providing free services to its customers who had COVID-19 workflows they needed assistance in getting up and running. Details


SAIVA is offering its machine learning based system for Skilled Nursing Facilities, designed to help reduce rehospitalization through focused interventions, for free during the pandemic. Details

Vivify Health

Vivify Health is offering unlimited use of the COVID-19 Screening pathway to providers at no cost, along with deeply discounted and rapid deployment to providers new to the Vivify Pathways™ platform. Details


GlobalMed is offering a free 30-minute consultative session for care providers, practices, and health systems interested in deploying telehealth. Details


LeanTaaS has developed a free open-source calculator to model when hospitals can return to normal surgery caseloads.  Details

Keva Health

Keva Health is offering a free remote monitoring tool for asthma patients called a Keva Advisor in the App Store and android phones. Details

Wildflower Health

Wildflower Health is offering a new virtual visit solution for free to OB practices for Prenatal and Postpartum patients during the pandemic.  Details

Interbit Data

Interbit Data is offering their internet-based NetSafe solution for free to existing NetSafe customers through June 30.  Details

Mobile Smith

Mobile Smith is waiving fees on their COVID Response Mobile apps.  Details

AngelEye Health

AngelEye Health is offering its Clinical Communication App at no cost for 6 months to any hospital in the US.  Details

HITRUST Assessment XChange

HITRUST Assessment XChange™ (XChange), a wholly-owned subsidiary of HITRUST®, is providing healthcare organizations free access to its third-party risk management (TPRM) solution for 2 years to eligible healthcare organizations. Details

Trice Imaging

Trice Imaging is now offering their remote clinical medical imaging solutions 100% cost-free for a minimum of 90 days to any healthcare provider around the globe.  Details

Audacious Inquiry

Audacious Inquiry has made a version of their Patient Unified Lookup System for Emergencies™ (PULSE), an on demand clinical search solution intended for use in disasters and public health emergencies, available at no charge to states throughout the response.  Details


iAuditor is giving 6 months of free premium access to their iAuditor Environmental, Health, Safety, and Quality Software to frontline workers. Details


QC-Health is offering a free “outcome guided engagement” to be used to help providers help oncology survivors during the pandemic.  This can be used for counseling during telehealth visits.  Details


Irdeto is donating software protection to companies who are contributing to fight the COVID-19 epidemic. Details

Luma Health

Luma Health is offering their broadcast messaging product to all health institutions complimentary for 90 days.  Details


ShareCare is offering free telehealth via Updox until September 1, 2020 if you sign up before June 1.  Details


VidHealth launched to the public in April a Telehealth platform free of charge to medical providers in response to the COVID-19 crisis.  This system is one that they’d used internally to staff psychiatric prescribers in rural parts of the U.S. via Telehealth prior to COVID-19.  Details


MDCalc is offering clinicians the option to earn up to 8.5 free AMA PRA Category 1 Credits available automatically with one of their CME subscriptions or available as a standalone package.  Details

Other COVID-19 Lists of Resources

Just creating this list has been great to see how many in the health IT community are sincerely trying to help the front line healthcare workers.

While we did everything we could to include all of the great free offerings that health IT companies are offering, we’re sure we’ve missed many.  As we find more, we’ll add them to the list.  Also, if you know of a free offering that’s missing from our list or if something’s changed on the list, be sure to reach out to us on our contact us page.

Also, if you’re a health IT company that wants to support the community as well, consider taking part in our Pay-HIT-Forward campaign where we offer discounted ad packages with guaranteed results and then provide a health IT startup company with a free marketing package.

Thanks to each and every one of you in the community that’s doing what you can within your sphere of influence to make a difference in the fight against COVID-19.

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