Cloud in Healthcare – Healthcare IT Today Podcast Episode 7

For the 7th episode of the Healthcare IT Podcast, we looked at cloud in healthcare. We all know how cloud has become a big part of our personal technical lives. Why then hasn’t cloud been more widely adopted in healthcare? Learn why we think this is the case. We also look at whether cloud is secure enough for healthcare and if that’s even the right question. Plus, we talk about the battle for the healthcare cloud and what history teaches us about cloud. If you’re a CIO, Director of IT, or other C level health IT executive, you’ll enjoy this look at the cloud in healthcare.

Here’s a quick rundown of the topics we discuss in this episode:

  • Why Isn’t Cloud More Widely Adopted?
  • Is Cloud Really Secure?
  • Who Will Win the Battle for Healthcare Cloud?
  • What Does History Teach Us About Cloud?

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Now, without further ado, we’re excited to share with you episode 7 of the Healthcare IT Today podcast.

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Thanks so much for listening!

About the author

John Lynn

John Lynn

John Lynn is the Founder of, a network of leading Healthcare IT resources. The flagship blog, Healthcare IT Today, contains over 13,000 articles with over half of the articles written by John. These EMR and Healthcare IT related articles have been viewed over 20 million times.

John manages Healthcare IT Central, the leading career Health IT job board. He also organizes the first of its kind conference and community focused on healthcare marketing, Healthcare and IT Marketing Conference, and a healthcare IT conference,, focused on practical healthcare IT innovation. John is an advisor to multiple healthcare IT companies. John is highly involved in social media, and in addition to his blogs can be found on Twitter: @techguy.


  • Do you have a summary transcript of your podcasts? There is a lot of inefficient filler in this format.

  • Hi Balaguru,
    We don’t have any transcript right now. I’d be interested to hear what filler you don’t like in the podcasts. If you watch it on YouTube you can skip around as well and pass over any sections you don’t want to listen to. Thanks for the feedback.

  • It’s not a question of like. Podcasts can always be both informative and entertaining but on subjects like this I am just looking for information. I am willing to bet the 27 minute podcast could be condensed to an article that takes 5 min to read and still touch on the main points. At least for me, skipping around in video is not the same as skimming while reading. My main complaint with healthcare IT in general is that it is clear to me that the design and development team who work all day in front of a computer think that doctors want to work that way too. This was made clear to me when I saw a commercial for I think GE’s EMR. The setting was an ER provider obtaining a history on a patient with an allergic reaction to some food. To me it looked like I could not rule out an impending full blown anaphylactic reaction. Instead the provider was staring at a screen trying to find the food that caused this reaction among a list of many. Not once did the provider even look at the patient. The amount of screentime in a doctor’s day has been cited as one cause of burnout.

    My interest in the podcast is born from the fact that I use AWS to run my EMR/RCM system and love it.

  • Thanks for the feedback Balaguru. We’d love to have a full transcript of the podcast at some point, but right now it’s cost prohibitive. It’s certainly on our list of things we’d like to have in the future as we grow the podcast.

    Your point about the computer getting in the way of the doctor-patient relationship is a big deal. We’ve covered a lot of ways to improve this over the years. At the end of the day, the real key is making that type of connection and relationship a priority. Once that’s done, there are a lot of great ways to use the technology, but improve the interaction with the patient.

  • The doctor-patient relationship is already a priority for most doctors. That’s why we went into this profession. I am not convinced that the same priority is given by any vendor out there. It is so frustrating
    and that is why I wrote my own EMR.

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