The Day After: Reflection on September 11

It has been ten years since the world was shocked by the events of September 11th.  Like most people, those images are forever ingrained on my mind.  None of us will ever forget where we were, or how we felt.  The magnitude of emotion that I felt is something that has had a deep impact on my entire life since then.

I was living in The Netherlands and was incredibly impressed with the people and their complete concern with the US and Americans in general.  There was an outpouring of love and concern from people who had not been personally affected, but felt the need to show their support for their friends and allies.

I vividly remember the images from the US Embassy in The Hague surrounded with hundreds of people, most of whom had brought flowers or other items to show their support.  One man was asked why he had come and left flowers, and his response was that, “The Americans are our friends and they need our support right now.”

There is a particular set of beliefs and ideals that make America great, but they are not exclusive to America.  There are people all over the world who value freedom and democracy just as much as we do.

In the ensuing ten years I have served six years in the Marine Corps, and am currently serving as an officer in the Air Force.  It is truly an honor to play some small role in helping to secure that freedom.

While the troubles facing our country today may not be violent or immediate, they are just as important when it comes to the strength of our country.  I have all the confidence in the world that the American people will come together and unite to bring America back to its full level of greatness.

We were all effected in some way by the events of September 11th.  May we never forget the sacrifice made by those on the ground that day, and equally important, the sacrifice of the men and women who have fought for our freedom since.  It is the people that make America great.  Always has been, always will be.