Ingenix Acquires HIE Provider Axolotl

It seems like it’s the season of acquisitions for healthcare companies. I’ve been predicting the need for EMR consolidation for a while now, but we have yet to really see that happening. Instead this acquisition by Ingenix is entrance into the HIE space. Here’s a section of the press release:

Ingenix, a leading health information technology and services company, today announced it is acquiring Axolotl, a leading provider of health information exchange (HIE) services. The combined company will enable health information to be shared effectively and securely for the benefit of patients and health care professionals. The Axolotl management team will remain in place and will lead Ingenix’s efforts in health care community connectivity.

Seems like all the major EMR players are finding an HIE product they can offer as well. I guess it makes sense for an EHR provider to also be able to offer an HIE product. Although, it makes even more sense if the EHR provider had a large footprint in a certain area. Most EHR providers have installs all over the US that they aren’t as much of a benefit to HIE software that they could be. In fact, I’m surprised how few local contracts many EMR vendors are able to win. You’d think proximity would help, but I’ve seen a few cases where it actually hurt the provider.

As far as HIE, it will be even more interesting to see what happens with the HIE software once the government subsidies run out. Can anyone say RHIO? Oh wait, no one remembers what they are….hmmm…maybe that’s a sign of things to come. Of course, there’s a lot of big name companies that will be trying to make the HIE story a different one.

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