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Spoiler Alert: Here’s the live video telehealth list.  Keep reading for background & future plans.

A few weeks ago, as telehealth started to explode, I realized how important understanding the telehealth market was going to be for those who read Healthcare IT Today.  Plus, having been through the golden age of EHR software otherwise known as meaningful use, I’d seen first hand some of the things that healthcare organizations need when a new technology becomes must have technology.  One of those things is a list of the companies that are working in that space so they can evaluate the various options.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a list like that which worked well for healthcare organizations, so we started creating our own.

Looking at it now, it’s easy to see that we’re at the start of what I think is fair to call the golden age of telehealth.  We won’t dive into all the great things about this change, but needless to say, it’s amazing how COVID-19 has woken up healthcare organizations to telehealth solutions literally overnight. The problem I’ve seen is that anything that touches the patient remotely or communicates with the patient is now calling themselves telehealth.  This makes it hard for healthcare organizations to cut through the noise and know which options are really ones they should consider.

Plus, I knew that it was just a matter of time before a healthcare organization, CIO, or physician friend was going to ask me “What’s the best telehealth solution?”  I wanted to make sure I had a good answer for them.

Thus, Healthcare IT Today embarked on an effort to create a list of all the telehealth companies out there.  Needless to say, we underestimated the work that would be required.  Over the past 2-3 weeks (maybe more) we’ve evaluated over 300 companies that could be considered telehealth (Thanks to our Twitter friends for many recommendations).  We went to each website and often engaged with companies to try and make our list as accurate and complete as possible.

We learned a lot in the process that we’ll be sharing in future articles.  However, as we evaluated the companies, we decided that it would be most valuable to classify them into a number of high level categories.  There is no one “telehealth” market, but there are dozens of markets.  Some are pure play telehealth companies focused on video telehealth while others incorporate things like asynchronous text messaging and much more.  Some are RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) or Chronic Care Management companies who use telehealth as one element of their offering.  Others provide a specialty specific telehealth solution while others offer a direct to consumer telehealth option.  Many companies provide an array of supporting services that make telehealth work better.  Plus, there are differences in offerings for medical practices vs hospitals and health systems.

Long story short, there’s a lot to chew on, but we aggregated and classified companies across all of these categories and want to share that work with the Healthcare IT Today community.

The first list we’re excited to share with you is our list of live video telehealth companies.

One note about the list.  We’re far from perfect and we believe in the power of crowd sourcing.  This is our initial list, but you can be sure that over the next few months we’re going to be working hard to update the list, reclassify the list where we didn’t do it properly, and add more information to make the list as useful as possible to healthcare organizations that are searching for the best telehealth companies.

Speaking of which, if you have any information that will help us make the list better, please reach out to us on our contact us page.  Together as a community, we can make this list much better than it is today and that’s beautiful.  Hopefully, you’ll find this list useful and you’ll let us know where we might have something wrong or might have missed a company that should be added to the list.

Over time, we’ll be finding more ways to make our list even more useful for healthcare organizations trying to evaluate telehealth companies.  For example, I think we’ll see something similar happen with telehealth companies as we saw with EHR vendors where health systems and ambulatory organizations really want an “enterprise” solution that includes much more than just video telehealth.  As we see RFPs from these organizations and are able to identify what features, functions, etc healthcare values most, we’ll do our best to update our lists accordingly.

Plus, I imagine some may wonder why this list is useful since so many healthcare organizations have already implemented a telehealth solution.  While this is true, many are still figuring out the right solution(s).  Not to mention, over the next 6 months to a year, I expect most healthcare organizations are going to take a look at the telehealth solution they implemented quickly and decide if they made a good choice, need to switch to something better, or need to layer on a 2nd solution to make their current telehealth effort go better.  Hopefully the telehealth lists we share will help them as they make the telehealth replacement decision and optimize their telehealth efforts.

If you represent a telehealth company on this list, we are considering a special premium listing option for those who are interested in purchasing an enhanced profile, higher ranking on the listing page, and immediate notification of a potential buyer.  If those interest you, be sure to reach out to us for more info.

We hope you find our list of Live Video Telehealth Companies useful.  On that page, you’ll see that we’ve divided the telehealth companies into Ambulatory, Health System, and Specialty specific telehealth.  In some cases, a telehealth company may be on more than one list if their solution works for both ambulatory medical practices and health systems.

Be sure to check back regularly as we share the following telehealth lists in the near future:

  • Asynchronous Telehealth Vendors
  • Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management Vendors
  • Telequarantine and Team Based Telehealth Vendors
  • Direct to Consumer Telehealth Companies
  • EHR Vendors’ Approach to Telehealth
  • Video Remote Interpreter Telehealth
  • Supporting Solutions for Telehealth

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