SpringCharts EHR Patient Portal Video Demo

SpringCharts Patient Portal is an online patient portal uniquely branded to your practice.

Spring Medical’s SpringCharts Patient Portal offers your practice a secure, online, easy-to-use tool that helps your patients compile, manage and share their medical records. Patients can visit your website, click on a “patient registration” button and link to a portal that looks and feels just like your existing site — the patient experience is seamless. Or if you don’t have your own website, you can use the SpringCharts Patient Portal as the internet access point for your practice.

Benefits for your Patients:
• Avoid filling out lengthy forms with each doctor visit
• Communicate with the practice through secure messaging
• Control who sees their sensitive medical information
• Keep all their health records in one safe place
• Update their family records at their leisure, anytime and anyplace, including from their web-enabled mobile phone
• Access their records quickly in an emergency

Benefits for your Practice:
• Timely communications with your patients
• Secure, HIPPA-compliant record keeping
• Easy to use, deploy and maintain
• Minimize risk by eliminating errors during manual data transcription
• Affordable, customer-oriented application supported by ARRA Incentives



Watch the video here.