Shirley Corsey

Shirley Corsey is a certified Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Consultant/Road Warrior, and owner of her own online training center for the Healthcare Information Technology industry. She is a seasoned Healthcare IT professional with over 25 years experience, with a recent career focus for the past 6 years in the EMR job market.Shirley Corsey

What was your first job?
My very first job was working within my own very large family household growing up with five sisters, five brothers, plus a mother and father. We were raised in a little town named Yardley, Pennsylvania (about 30 miles north of Philadelphia). My parents nurtured us with a strong work ethic and belief we were all responsible for our household’s upkeep. Everyone in the household, both boys and girls, had to complete all assigned chores; mopping, dusting, dish washing, bed making, laundry detail, helping Mother with dinner, etc. I learned early around the age of 12 how to make money by my ‘business proposals” to my two older brothers by washing dishes for their dish washing chores assignments, 25 cents bought a lot of penny candy back then. But most of the time I learned to “sacrifice” by saving my quarters, believing that something “big” was meant to happen for me. Looking back I’ve always been quite industrious, with so many ideas of how I was going to earn a lot of money one day!

What was your worst job?
A job I had right after high school, while attending the local community college, working at a fabric mill.  This plant prepared cloth that was sold in fabric stores. Back then many people still bought cloth by the yard for making family members’ apparel and furniture upholstery. (My first creative thing to do was to make all my own doll clothes and then my very own clothes I wore all the way through my high school years). Anyway, I loved to sew at an early age, so I thought this would be an ideal job at the fabric mill. Then came my shocking entrance into the real world working with hot, wet, smelly, bins upon bins of fabric that was dyed, bleached, washed, and rolled. At first, night after night working there was frightening. Each evening’s departure I would leave a different color. (Yes, people of color and can change color 🙂 I hung in there at this job for almost a year.  The pay was not bad and it was only about 15 minutes from home. This experience provided me even more incentive to complete my first post high school education, and served to make me appreciate my love of sewing even more. I think I garnered a new appreciation for my first creative works…to this day I earn my pay by activities I enjoy and/or I believe in.

What are you going to blog about?
Traveling nationwide throughout these past six years, my career focus is on the EMR job market and the Healthcare IT industry at large. I have worked either as a full-time employee or in my current status as a “Contract for Hire” professional. I generally travel Monday through Thursday to client (hospitals or clinics) locations, gainfully employed at all the various EMR implementation job levels/job types, including the tasks for EMR “go-live”, and post go-live optimizations. My blog will focus on the highs, the challenges and mostly the middle ground, for those who choose to travel this professional lifestyle. I seek to share these experiences and invite others to share their experiences as well. My readers will learn what one might expect to experience, as well as what to look out for. I have an “insider’s” perspective to share about the Healthcare IT industry from my work assignments with so many of the early adopters of this evolution of paper chart conversions to computerized media to the most current adopters and those seeking to get on board. Most importantly my blog will provide tips for staying around in this specific EMR / EHR job industry “evolution” – happy, healthy, and gainfully employed. My professional and entrepreneurial view is from both the clinical and technical side of the Healthcare IT industry lens. I have worked directly with and for Healthcare providers from Nurses and Physicians, to Healthcare Therapists and Clerks. I have worked directly with and for Healthcare IT Directors, Recruiters, Technicians, Programmers, and Analysts. I not only know what the “hot” job types/titles are, many of them I have experienced first hand. I seek to share with my audience a kind of EMR “Road Warrior’s” Journal.  And did I mention I am also an online entrepreneur?  About a year ago, I successfully launched my own online Healthcare Electronic Medical Records ‘EMR 101’ training program. From my blog look for how that girl from a little town named Yardley, raised in a family of 13, now understands her industrious nature, and in turn, hopes that the sharing of my experiences will help you understand and maximize yours!

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