Danielle Byron

Danielle Byron is a Health IT Leader who is passionate about using technology to improve patient safety and outcomes.    She is currently in unpaid employment and busy searching for her next paid employment (beyond the unemployment extensions).Danielle Byron

What was your first job?
My first real job was as a dishwasher at a local family run Chinese restaurant – Plum Garden.    I was promoted to chief bottle washer, progressed to taking carry out phone orders and eventually waitress.     The multi-tasking and customer services skills I learned on this job have served me well in my Information Technology career.    I never really picked up a lot of the Cantonese language, but we all knew when Ms. Moy was upset at one of her sons when she started speaking very loudly and using her big cleaver to whack the bok choy with extra vigor.    Not unlike having the production systems down on Monday morning and your key business partner meeting you at the door on the way into the office (well without the cleaver).

What was your worst job?
A summer job spent working the evening shift at a local factory.        My job was to put stuff into little boxes night after night.   I started watching General Hospital in the afternoon so I could converse with my co-workers (remember the Luke & Laura days?) .    I rode my bike from my house to the factory in the late afternoon and back after my shift got over at midnight.     Occasionally I would see the local police cruiser parked to the side of the ride watching for drunk drivers.   I felt safer on those nights, until the night I got pulled over on my bike and questioned about my potential involvement in a local bike thief rings.    Lucky for me it was a cop who frequented the Chinese restaurant (who I still worked at on weekends) and I could recite his regular order:  Shrimp Fried Rice hold the bean sprouts and let me go home.

What are you going to blog about?
I aspire to take a humorous look at my navigation of the Health Care IT employment Labyrinth – think Dilbert’s cube crossed with Erma Bombeck “If Life is a Bowl of Cherries -What Am I Doing in the Pits?”     We are all in this together unpaid employment  – or paid employment – the days of going to work for a lifetime at the local family run business in small town America are a memories for most (unless you are offspring of Mrs.Moy).

One of the really fun parts of being in unpaid employment is the opportunity to get out and talk to a lot of people and to try my hand at new adventures – such as blogging.   So most of all I hope to engage you the readers, to learn from you and to trade a few laughs in the journey.

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