Day In The Life

Welcome to the Healthcare IT Today “Day in the Life” Series!A Day in the Life

Ever wonder exactly what it is a Director of Clinical Informatics does all day?  Or what about an Inpatient Trainer, a CMIO, a Clinical Systems Analyst, or a Build Consultant?  As the Healthcare IT industry continues to explode, so will the number of  job descriptions it will take to handle the load.  And as more and more professionals contemplate entering the workforce to assume those roles, it will  be helpful to understand exactly what it is that these people are expected to do, know, and accomplish.

So follow our “Day in the Life” Series, as we spend the day with a wide variety of Healthcare IT professionals who have allowed us to tag along.  And if you’re interested in some company during a day in your life?  Shoot us an email and we’ll send the details of how to add your profile!


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