Carter Groome

Carter Groome is the founder and CEO of First Choice Professionals. FCP provides commercial and federal healthcare clients with world class IT services and solutions.

What was your first job?
When I was 11, I convinced my mom to get a new gas powered lawn mower by describing how manicured our lawn would look and how little she would have to contribute.  I took that same approach to the neighborhood with a smile and maintained about 10 lawns that summer at five bucks a pop.  I loved the instant reward for services rendered but when no one was home follow-up collections were always an issue.  What an intro to the business world!

What was your worst job?

There’s a long list between my lawn mowing years until the end of college.  I’d have to rank my first role at the local pizzeria as the worst.  Three to four days a week after school and on weekend nights when I was 14, I was the deep-dish pizza pan washer.  I had to work my way up to bus boy, and a promotion to making pizzas seemed like a dream.  Each pan would take 3-4 minutes to scrub and you had to do it by hand under super hot water to have any cleaning effect.  The pans would pile up so much faster than I could wash them and no one ever came to lend a hand.  At the end of the night when all the patrons, cooks, and waiters were gone, I was still washing pizza pans!  I was ecstatic to get promoted to bus boy.

What are you going to blog about?

As CEO of  First Choice Professionals, I work closely with our sales team, our recruiters, our clients, our personnel and of course prospective employees.  Harmonizing such efforts is a challenge that is essential when presenting our company’s image while finding employees that fit into our culture.  Educating both seasoned consultants and qualified experts looking at consultative roles for the first time about the federal and commercial consulting will be a focal point of my blog. My experience in working for hospitals, vendors, and consulting firms will add perspective to those interested not only in the hiring marketplace, but in how consultants are marketed, how they are evaluated by clients, and what their peers are doing to stand out in a hot industry.

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