Technology Products for EMR Users

Finding the right technology is essential to a successful EMR implementation.  This page is meant to be a resource to point you to technology that you may or may not have known about before.  Feel free to search around for the best prices and similar technology.  Just be careful to make sure that you’re comparing apples to apples.  For example, Dragon NaturallySpeaking preferred is quite different than Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard or Medical.

Canon imageFORMULA DR-C125– Great high volume scanner at a reasonable price.
Ambir Imagescan Pro 820I– Great high volume scanner from Ambir. A less expensive option than some of the other bigger brand name scanners. EMR and HIPAA Approved
Fujitsu fi-6130 Duplex Scanner – Great heavy duty scanner. Needs regular maintenance, but will handle whatever load you offer it. There are likely newer versions available now which I haven’t tested. EMR and HIPAA Approved
FI-6230 Clr Duplex 40PPM/30PPM USB 2.0 300DPI 50PG Adf – Same as the Fujitsu fi-6130, but also has the flatbed scanner for things like prescriptions or ID cards that can’t go through the ADF feeder. EMR and HIPAA Approved

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Voice Recognition Software
All Dragon NaturlalySpeaking Software on Amazon – includes upgrades to current DNS software EMR and HIPAA Approved
Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred – Currently $151.49 with $50 rebate ($101.49 after rebate) EMR and HIPAA Approved
Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 Preferred – Currently $92.97 EMR and HIPAA Approved
I’m still looking around for the best location to buy Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical.

Voice Recognition Software (like Dragon Naturally Speaking) Microphones
Samson Stage 5 wireless microphone EMR and HIPAA Approved
Sennheiser ME3 Headset wired microphone EMR and HIPAA Approved

Personal Health Records

Privacy Screens
I have no specific suggestions. Just make sure it fits the size of your monitor. Some people like it where even they can barely see it and other are more liberal and want one that just hides the angle. Take a look at Privacy Screens on Amazon for some possible options.

Rugged Laptops and Tablets
Seal from bak USA

This list is definitely just getting started, so watch for it to expand as I have more time to add important technology products for EMR users. If you see something I’m missing or would like me to add something, please feel free to suggest an EMR technology on my EMR and HIPAA contact page.

Things listed as EMR and HIPAA Approved means they are things I’ve used personally and know function well and usually link to a post where I discuss my experience with the product. The other items are things I have heard work well, are best in class or I believe to be high quality.