Special Pay-HIT-Forward Companies

When we first launched our Pay-HIT-Forward program to offer discounted ad packages with guaranteed returns which included a free marketing package forward to another health IT company, we weren’t sure how it would go.  Turns out that the health IT community was really excited to help out other companies amidst the crisis and it was fun for us to help out health IT companies that needed a little shot in the arm amidst the crisis.

In a true win-win all around for those purchasing the marketing package, those receiving the free marketing package, and us being able to continue the work we do at Healthcare IT Today.

We wanted to offer special recognition to all the companies involved in our Pay-HIT-Forward Program.  Each of them is working hard to offer products and solutions which helps healthcare organizations become better and more efficient at what they do.

Take a moment and browse through the list of great companies and see if one of them might offer a solution to a problem your organization faces.

Atos – If you’re a regular reader of Healthcare IT Today, you have certainly seen all the great articles Atos has shared with the community.  They have a whole suite of solutions that truly impact healthcare including: security, digital health, EHR, training, and business transformation to name a few.  Take a look at their content and you’ll see their expertise and how they can help your organization be more succesful.

Hybrid Chart – There’s no better way to learn about HybridChart than to read this article on “A Forced Revolution: Medicine in the New Normal.”  That said, if you’re looking for a smart rounding and workflow solution to make your doctors’ lives easier.  Check out HybridChart and see what they can do.

Dell Technologies – You are all likely familiar with Dell computers, but many don’t realize how many solutions Dell Technologies offers healthcare specifically.  Whether you’re looking at digital transformation, precision medicine, connected health, virtual care, or IT Infrastructure, Dell Technologies has real healthcare experts in this space who can help.  Want to get a feel for their expertise, watch this series of virtual meetups.

Lumeon – While Lumeon cut their teeth and developed their product in Europe, they’re now doing great things bringing the lessons learned in Europe to the US.  Many of those revolve around building the right workflows and care pathways that effectively engage patients to improve their care.  Plus, they recently launched a virtual waiting room that uses their technology to help manage the new reality for engaging patients who come to your office.  Check out their approach to solving some of healthcare’s problems and how they can improve your organization.

Boston Software Systems – We hear all the time that automation is going to make our lives in healthcare easier and more efficient.  While many talk about this, Boston Software Systems is doing this.  Whether it’s automating data migrations or automating workflows to improve revenue cycle, they can offer your organization a solution to make you more efficient and improve your bottom line.

Chirpy Bird – If you need experts to help you and your medical practice, you can’t go wrong with Chirpy Bird.  Not only did they literally write the book on MIPS, they also can offer medical practices expertise on security risk assessments, HIPAA training, telehealth & chronic management, and more.  Plus, they also publish the HIT Like a Girl podcast which makes them even more amazing.

DirectTrust – If you’re not familiar with DirectTrust, you probably should be.  They are the non-profit organization behind efforts to make health data exchange happen.  You might be familiar with Direct Messaging which is a big part of what they do, but their work creating a trust framework and directory services is just as important.  Plus, they just put on a great event called DirectTrust Summit 2020 with some of the leading people in healthcare interoperability.

Odoro – Patient access and scheduling has become a really hot topic thanks to COVID-19.  That’s right in the sweet spot of Ordoro who provides a patient self scheduling tool and also access center scheduling.  Plus, they have an engine that helps with patient-provider matching and referral management.  Be sure to check them out as an option for patient self-schedule and patient self-registration which is now becoming an expectation by patients.

WestFax – Despite efforts to remove fax from healthcare, fax is still alive and well.  Plus, it’s not likely to go anywhere since it’s the most interoperable part of healthcare.  However, fax is continuing to evolve and improve as this series of articles illustrates.  If you’re not using digital fax, then check out what WestFax has to offer.  If you have a digital fax now, see if WestFax can offer a better solution at a better price.

KIWI-TEK – If you want an HIM company that eats, breathes, and sleeps medical coding, then check out KIWI-TEK.  Whether you’re dealing with new budget constraints, coding backlogs, claims edits, or other medical coding concerns, take a second to connect with KIWI-TEK and see what they can do for you.  Plus, if you’re an HIM professional, you’re appreciate this piece they wrote about the challenges and impact of COVID-19 on HIM.

If you’d like to do some good in the world by paying it forward and benefiting your organization, check out our Pay-HIT-Forward packages here or reach out to us and we’ll add your company to the list.  If your company could benefit from a free package, let us know here.

Thank you to all of you who are working hard to do good in the world and improve healthcare.