Note: All of the unofficial events on this list are just casual events put together by attendees at the conference (many of whom have no relationship to EMR and EHR). Participation in those events is at your own risk.

Unofficial Runners/CrossFit Meetup – #HIMSS5k
For the last few years we’ve had lots of time on our feet at HIMSS – big convention halls, bigger cities. As healthcare nuts, though, this year we want to put a challenge ahead of our time in Orlando. Along with other HIMSS attendees, we have an unofficial 5K to start off the week – bright and early Monday morning, we’ll be meeting in the area around the Convention Center to have a nice 3.1 mile jog before we switch to suits and dress shoes.

It’s the perfect start to the week, and the perfect start for us to see exactly how we can quantify our own health, fitness and exercise. We encourage everyone to use some sort of wearable, too, since this is HIMSS, after all!

Register for the Unofficial HIMSS 5k Run

Tweet @mandibpro or @levydr for more info. Be sure to invite your friends.

Unofficial #HIMSS14DanceOff Meetup
There’s nothing like a little bit of music and dancing. I’ve always been surprised how many bunheads (Translation: Dance Lovers) there were at HIMSS. This year we’re planning to get together, find some music and have some fun dancing. All dance styles and dance skill levels welcome.

We’ll be meeting outside Tommy Bahama Pointe Orlando (MAP) on Tuesday 2/25 at 8:00 PM. Where we’ll end up, nobody knows. As long as we find some great music and enjoy some dancing all will be well. Tweet #HIMSS14DanceOff and we’ll add you to the #HIMSS14DanceOff Twitter list.

Unofficial HIMSS Tennis Meetup
If you’re a good tennis player, then you might want to check out the details of this tweet. I think they have a limited number of courts, but you may reach out to them if you’re a tennis lover.

HIMSS has organized an official Yoga event on February 24-26, 2014 from 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM. Joanne Frederick, Certified Yoga Teacher and Healthcare Consultant will be leading the event which will be held at the Rock Springs Room inside of the Hyatt Regency. Water and towels will be provided by the Hyatt Regency.

HIMSS14 Wellness Challenge
HIMSS is hosting a Wellness challenge throughout HIMSS. They’ve got some really solid prizes that they’re giving away for those who take the most steps, calories burned, and distance walked as tracked by an activity tracker. Sounds like a cool challenge and if you take part in the 5k on Monday that will give you a good head start.