Healthcare Scene Blog Series

Across the Healthcare Scene network of blogs, we regularly do series of blog posts on a specific subject. We use these series of blog posts as a way to dig in deeply on a subject and really do what we can to better help our readers understand the nuances of the topic.

The following are some of the Healthcare Scene blog series that we’ve done over the years:

Breakaway Thinking – This series of blog posts looks at new ways of thinking and looking at healthcare IT and EHR. Written and sponsored by members of The Breakaway Group (A Xerox Company) team, they’re a great front line look at the challenges associated with implementing IT in healthcare. Plus, these posts generally come from a real research based approach to implementing and optimizing IT in healthcare.

ICD-10 Tuesdays – This series of blog posts looks at the details associated with implementing ICD-10 in the US. The deadline for implementation of ICD-10 is October 1, 2014. This series will look at all the ways ICD-10 will impact healthcare and what an organization should consider to make sure that they’re prepared for the ICD-10 deadline.

EHR Benefits Series – In this series of blog posts we dig deeply into what we call guaranteed EHR benefits, probably EHR benefits, and possible EHR benefits. We discuss the times when an EHR might not be a benefit and when it might even be detrimental.

Eyes Wide Shut – In this series of blog posts Mandi Bishop takes a deep look into the trenches of healthcare to look at what’s really happening with healthcare IT implementations in healthcare. Many of her insights make those outside of healthcare make their jaw drop while many inside healthcare are all too familiar with the scenarios she describes.

Meaningful Use Monday – This series of blog posts dug into all the details associated with the now famous meaningful use requirements. We started the series back in late 2010 and 91 posts later we decided to close out the series. No doubt we still write plenty of meaningful use related blog posts, but not in this series. We believe this series was a great contribution to many who were trying to understand the complex meaningful use details.

101 EHR Tips – This series of blog posts looks at 5 EHR tips per blog post and discusses the details of each tip. Over 21 blog posts we take a deep dive into a lot of the keys to having a successful EHR implementation in your organization.

We’re always looking to provide the best content we can to our readers. Blog post series on a specific topic are a great way to dig deeply into an important subject. If you have blog post series you’d like us to cover, let us know on our contact us page.