EMR Features

UPDATE: This list has been moved to the EMR and EHR Feature list on the EMR, EHR and HIT wiki.

This page is still under development, but the idea is to create a list of features that an EMR could have. It will probably separated into 2 sections with one being an essential list of EMR features and a second list of really nice EMR features. Check back often to see the progress.


  • Template management
  • Security features
    • User authentication
    • Custom permissions
    • Logging
    • Unattended automatic backups
    • Legal protection
  • Import and export
    • Scans, PDFs and other documents


  • Billing
    • Support for ICD-9 codes
    • Superbill desktop User interface
    • EZClaim support for receivables, prints HCFA-1500 (CMS-1500) claims, prints patient statements, etc.
  • Document management
    • Bulk scanning of old records
    • Selective scanning of old records
    • Paper charting
    • Secure sharing of all documents within an office location or across locations
    • Organized document storage
    • Provider quick signing of documents
    • Complete integration with fax and printer, digital camera and numerous medical devices
  • Scheduling
    • Managing across offices
    • Managing multiple providers
    • Easy appointment search
    • Dynamic updating
  • Communications
    • Message prioritizing
  • Patient demographics
  • Transcriptions


  • Forms and templates
    • Form creation
    • Patient handouts
    • Form sharing
    • Template creation
    • Health Maintenance
  • Prescription writing
    • Handwriting enabled
    • Prescription favorites list
    • One-click refills
    • One-click faxing to pharmacies
    • Automatic calculation of BSA with a dosing calculator
  • Histories
    • One-click complete review
    • Automatic staff updating
  • Messaging
    • Message to front desk, to other staff or to oneself
  • Progress notes
    • Handwriting support
    • Text support
    • voice recognition
  • Labs and tests
    • Multi format import

If you think some important EHR features are missing from this list, then please let us know on our Contact EMR and HIPAA page.