EMR and HIPAA Links

My Favorite EMR and HIPAA Links

EMR Links
EMR and EHR Wiki – A wiki of EMR, EHR, HIT and HIPAA information.
EMRUpdate.com – The Best EMR Forum on the Net(next to my blog)
Canadian EMR – A Good EMR blog with some good Canadian EMR Information
EMR Consultant Forum – A Great Framework for an EMR Forum. EMR Consultant also has some other good EMR resources
EMR Price Matrix – Great Matrix of EMR pricing for a Large Number of EMR Companies
Christina’s Considerations – Some Really Good Information on RHIO in Particular
EMR Resource – EMR Implementation Case Studies and other EMR resources
Straight Talk – Evan Steele, CEO SRSsoft Hybrid EMR
EHR Strategy – Paul Roemer, EHR Consultant
SequelMed EHR Blog

Healthcare IT
Neil Versel’s Healthcare IT Blog – Healthcare IT Blog
My Health Tech Blog – An RN’s take on healthcare IT
Healthcare IT Guy – Good HIT Blog that seems to focus on larger HIT
Doctor’s Gadget’s – EMR Gadgets with some good Palm Software for Doctors Discussion
The Health Care Blog – One of the best voices in the health care industry
The HealthCare IT Group

HIPAA Blog (I can’t believe it uses Blogger, but it seems to be one of the first HIPAA Blogs)
HIPAA One Blog
HIPAA Cartoons

EMR and HIPAA Links
HITSphere – Aggregated Healthcare IT Blogs
HDM Corporation – HIPAA Compliance and Electronic Claims Submissions

EMR and Healthcare IT Job Links
Healthcare IT Reps

EMR and HIPAA Sponsors
Mitochon Free EHR System

Disclaimer: These are just a few of the EMR and HIPAA pages that I have used. This is not necessarily an endorsement for them, but just a reference for possible information.