Healthcare and the Cloud: Opportunities, Barriers, and Key Decision Makers

“The Cloud” means different things to different people.

For some it means flexible computing capacity that does not require any hardware. For others it means applications that are housed and supported by third parties. Some organizations have fully embraced the cloud, while others are just starting their journey.

We want to get a pulse on what’s happening in healthcare regarding the cloud. Are you excited about it? What worries you about it? Where are you already leveraging it?

Please help us by filling out this short survey. To give you an added incentive, by filling out the survey, you will be entered into a draw for a Google Pixel Slate – the best Android tablet on the market (keyboard and pen included). To be eligible for the draw, you must provide your name and contact details.

The survey is sponsored by:

  • Onix. As a leading cloud solutions provider, Onix has elevated organizations to the next level of productivity, collaboration, efficiency and success since 1992. They provide targeted solutions with infrastructure, collaboration, devices, enterprise search and geospatial technology, using products from such industry leaders as Google Cloud, among others.
  • Google Cloud Widely recognized as a global leader in delivering a secure, open, intelligent, and transformative enterprise cloud platform. Their technology is built on Google’s private network and is the product of nearly 20 years of innovation in security, network architecture, collaboration, artificial intelligence, and open source software
  • Intel. Harnessing the capability of the cloud, the ubiquity of the Internet of Things, the latest advances in memory and programmable solutions, and the promise of always-on 5G connectivity, Intel is disrupting industries and solving global challenges.

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