About Us

John Lynn is the editor of the nationally renowned blog EMR and HIPAA, the founder of EMR Wiki and the EMR Manager for the University of Nevada’s Health and Counseling Center. He has written articles for MDNG, MedScape and For the Record. He has been featured in Forbes, The Financial Times and Smart Money Magazine.

Jeffrey E. Epstein, MD is a board certified Internist with over 25 years of clinical experience. He wrote a book on Medical Records in 1988, he has used an EMR/EHR in his medical practice since 2005 and he is currently consulting on multiple projects related to healthcare information technology and electronic medical records.

His book, My Medical Diary: A Home Medical Record System, teaches patients and consumers how to assemble a personal health record (PHR) so they can provide this information to any healthcare provider at any point in the healthcare system (ie. emergency room) so they can get more fully informed care. Having a copy of their medical records better enables patients to read their records so then can become more informed about their health condition and become more involved in their medical decision making process.

One of Dr. Epstein’s current projects is to sort through the many EMR products currently available on the market to find the best EMRs for solo practitioners and small group practices. His criteria for “best” includes effectiveness, efficiency, user satisfaction (usability) and cost.