Top Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Companies

When COVID-19 really hammered us in April, it was amazing to see how quickly healthcare organizations had to turn on telehealth visits at their organization.  It really wasn’t a surprise since the shutdowns and stay-at-home orders really gave healthcare organizations very few choices.  Thus we saw the explosion of live video visits and you may remember that we published our list of live video telehealth companies.

While we didn’t see the same explosion in remote patient monitoring (RPM) like we did with live video visits, we have seen a new disposition towards the idea of remotely monitoring patients thanks to COVID.  There’s a much greater acknowledgment that we need to find a way to more effectively monitor a patient remotely.  It’s a mistake to just rely on the in person office visit to provide care to patients.  Thus, the need for a wide variety of remote patient monitoring companies and tools to be able to help an organization track and treat a patient outside the 4 walls of their organization.

To help those who are looking at remote patient monitoring (RPM) options for their healthcare organization, we aggregated a list of the top remote patient monitoring (RPM) companies we could find.  While we strived to find as many true RPM companies, I’m sure we missed some and will continue to add to the list as we find more.  In fact, if you see a company missing from the list, let us know on our contact us page.

What’s most fascinating about this list is the wide variety of companies that are listed.  Some offer a full remote patient monitoring platform that can work across a number of diseases and includes integrations with a large number of devices and communication platforms.  Others are just focused on one specific specialty or condition.  Others are just focused on providing the technology to be able to monitor and they leave it up to the healthcare organization to use the devices as they see fit.

Unfortunately, what I just described made it hard to classify the various remote patient monitoring companies.  There wasn’t a good way to group them since the market hasn’t fully matured in this regard.  Ideally there would be a good group of say enterprise RPM companies that have integrated all of the remote patient monitoring features you’d want into one platform.  Unfortunately, we’re not there yet.  That probably means that some consolidation is coming, but until then it’s still kind of a hodgepodge of offerings that healthcare organizations have to evaluate and choose from.

The other thing that stands out on this list is how many companies there are on the list (and we probably missed some that we’ll add later).  The breadth of companies that are working in this space is pretty amazing.  On the one hand, that’s great for innovation and discovery of what really works with remote patient monitoring and what doesn’t.  On the other hand, it makes it tough to filter through the noise of which RPM companies are doing it effectively.

This list does also beg the question of what an enterprise RPM company include and does it need to be connected and combined with your live video visits, specialty specific telehealth, telequarantine, virtual sitters, tele-stroke, tele-ICU, virtual remote interpreters, etc etc etc?

While there are no doubt still a lot of questions around how the RPM space will evolve, hopefully this list of RPM companies will help you learn about what’s happening in the space and what opportunities are available for healthcare organizations today.

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