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The world and healthcare and IT is crazy right now. Ok, the world in general is pretty crazy right now. While there are a lot of unknowns that are hard to deal with right now, one of the hardest one we see has to do with people’s jobs.

Losing a job is a tough thing and while healthcare has been at the heart of COVID-19, we’ve seen even some of the largest healthcare organizations cutting salaries and doing furloughs. The same is true with healthcare IT projects that were delayed or scrapped completely.

The good news is that in a few recent interviews, the outlook for these various health IT projects seems good.  While many of them were put on hold, it seems like most organizations are getting back to those health IT projects.  I think that’s where we’re headed and while many healthcare organizations may have some financial struggles, I think that most health IT projects will continue.  Instead, they’ll likely make more cuts on replacing order hardware or other areas like this.  Not that this is a good idea since we have replacement cycles for a reason, but this is what I’ve often seen before.

The good news for employers right now is that there are a lot of great candidates out there for your health IT jobs.  If you’re an employer that’s looking to hire right now, be sure to check out our health IT job board at Healthcare IT Central.  It’s FREE for employers to post their health IT jobs and we have a lot of great candidates that are regularly watching the site.

Of course, if you’re a health IT professional that’s looking for a job, you can search for various option positions or signup to upload your resume so our employers can find you.  Of course, all of this is available for FREE for health IT professionals as well.

We’re all going through challenging times, but remember that a change in job can be a very good thing.  Maybe there’s another dream opportunity out there just waiting for you.

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John Lynn

John Lynn

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