Allscripts and FollowMyHealth’s Approach to Telehealth – EHR Telehealth Series

As part of our ongoing series of telehealth interviews with EHR vendors, we’re excited to share our interview with Skyler Wason, Director of Product Management at Allscripts, and Kate Palazzolo, Vice President of Sales at FollowMyHealth.  In this series, we talk with EHR vendors to better understand how they’re approaching telehealth.  Are they developing telehealth in house or are they relying on partners?  If they have their own in-house telehealth solution, what features does it include?  How are they approaching integrating telehealth into their EHR and how will they handle this with partners?

Check out the interview below to learn more about how Allscripts and their EHR agnostic product, FollowMyHealth, is approaching telehealth both with their internal telehealth product and how they approach working with outside telehealth companies:

Here’s a quick look at the questions we discuss in this interview:

Tell us a little about yourself and Allscripts/FollowMyHealth

What was Allscripts’s view on telehealth pre-COVID-19 and how did COVID-19 change that approach?

What’s been the thinking when it comes to having FollowMyHealth be a separate telehealth platform from Allscripts EHR software?

With multiple EHRs at Allscripts, has the telehealth integration with FollowMyHealth been the same or are there different approaches depending on the EHR?

How deeply integrated is FollowMyHealth with Allscript’s EHR software? Are there integrations you’re still working on?

How about other third party telehealth vendors that want to integrate with Allscripts various EHR products? How do you approach that?

Feature Lightning Round (ie. Do you offer this? Yes/No/Short Answer)
-HIPAA Compliant
-Audit Logs
-Automated Patient Reminders
-Patient Education
-Patient Payment
-Custom Branding
-Telehealth Appointment Scheduling
-Patient Self Scheduling
-Asynchronous Text Messaging with Patient
-Real Time Text Chat during visit
-Web based or app based? – Clinician? Patient?
-Patient Intake Paperwork electronically
-Virtual waiting room
-Multi-Lingual and Remote Interpretation
-Team Based Sessions (ie. multiple care providers)
-Integrated Clinical Documentation
-Screen Image Capture
-Screen Share
-Post-Visit Patient Rating/Reviews/Surveys
-Telehealth specific billing and verification

What do you see as the role of telehealth in the growth of your business at Allscripts going forward?

Learn more about Allscripts:

Learn more about FollowMyHealth:

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