Asset Tracking and Secure Identity Management in Healthcare

One of the unique challenges healthcare organizations have faced during COVID-19 has been new rules and procedures around managing the assets of the organization and ensuring that only the right people have access to the right areas.  As my cousin who’s a nurse told me, it’s sad that she can’t leave a can of Lysol spray on her doorstep without someone taking it.  However, we’re living in a new world where assets need to be tracked and secured differently and healthcare organizations have to restrict access to their hospitals in ways they’ve never done before.

With this in mind, we sat down with Sheila Loy, Director, Healthcare Segment Strategies at HID Global, to learn more about what they’re seeing when it comes to tracking healthcare assets.  Plus, we dive into how a healthcare organization can better manage the various people they allow into the four walls of their organization including some discussion of contact tracing those who do enter.

We also talk about EPCS and how to make that as “touchless” as possible given the new need to provide a high quality prescribing experience for clinicians and a socially distant approach for patients.  Finally we talk with Loy about what she calls the “smart healthcare continuum” and what core solutions are needed to be ready for digital transformation.

Here’s a quick look at the questions we discuss:

  • We’ve seen asset management and tracking become really important with COVID-19 (stolen masks, tracking ventilators, etc), what types of solutions does HID Global offer around asset tracking and security?
  • What trends are you seeing in secure identity management and how do they translate into benefits for healthcare facilities?
  • You talk about the “smart healthcare continuum” tell us about it and the benefits of identity management solutions?
  • EPCS is only going to grow in this new COVID-19 “touchless” environment. Can you talk through some of the key considerations for deploying electronic prescribing of controlled substances, or EPCS?
  • I think the current crisis is going to make organizations look at what core solutions are required for digital transformation. What do you see as integral for healthcare to implement?

Enjoy our interview with Sheila Loy, Director, Healthcare Segment Strategies at HID Global.

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