New Pay-HIT-Forward Program to Help Health IT Startup Companies

We’ve all been impacted in a massive way by COVID-19.  Our work lives have been disrupted.  Our personal lives have been disrupted.  Life as we know it has been disrupted.  While healthcare has been and will be at the center of the crisis, the health IT industry that we love so much is going through a tough time.  We love seeing all the companies that are battling to provide healthcare organizations the solutions they need.  It’s inspiring to watch and we wanted to see what Healthcare IT Today could do to help out those health IT companies that might be struggling.

As the organizers of the HITMC – healthcare marketing community, we know how much health IT companies rely on conferences to be able to generate new leads, find new customers, engage their current customers, and create new partnerships.  Now with major healthcare conferences being cancelled or postponed, that’s putting a lot of companies in a bind when it comes to their marketing efforts.  This is particularly true for smaller companies who might have spent the majority of their marketing budget on a major conference and now have nothing to show for it.

This is why we’re excited to announce a new program we call Pay-HIT-Forward.

In this program, we’ve created a number of special discounted marketing packages for our sponsors.  Every time one of our sponsors purchases an advertising package from us, we’ll be giving away a free marketing package to a health IT startup company who could benefit from the added exposure.  We’ll also be featuring companies who “Pay-HIT-Forward” here on Healthcare IT Today as a thank you for helping out someone else.  If you’re interested in more details for how your company can Pay-HIT-Forward, reach out to us directly and we can share all the details.

If you’re a health IT startup company that could benefit from some free advertising, you can register yourself using this form.  We look forward to seeing all the innovative Health IT startup companies out there and helping as many of them as possible.

We’re lucky here at Healthcare IT Today to have amazing sponsors that make the work we do here possible.  Without them, we wouldn’t be able to share all the amazing COVID-19 updates and other coverage of how technology solutions can improve healthcare.  Luckily, they share the same passion for healthcare technology that we have and understand that appropriate implementation and use of health IT is one of the keys to solving many of the challenges we see even more distinctly today amidst the crisis.

Thanks to each of you who are out there making people’s lives better both inside healthcare and in your personal lives.  We’re inspired by how many people in health IT are ready and willing to help those who stand in need in big and small ways.  We appreciate you supporting all the work we do at Healthcare IT Today and look forward to bringing you all the latest news, updates, and resources during this unique time in healthcare.

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John Lynn

John Lynn

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