Health IT Announcement Humor – Fun Friday

Today’s Fun Friday seems particularly appropriate as we are just over a week out from the HIMSS 2020 annual conference in Orlando where so many companies make announcements (Note: Here’s where you can find us at HIMSS20). Here’s a fake announcement that illustrates what I often see health IT companies announcing at HIMSS and throughout the year.

We’re the FIRST and ONLY cloud provider to apply the learning of users in the rural health population with long hair that have cousins named Sal to improve healthcare.

Basically, if I see the word ONLY or the word FIRST (and likely others) then I’m always a little skeptical and interested to see what other qualifiers exist. That’s like saying that I was the first full time health IT blogger from Las Vegas with 4 kids that’s addicted to ultimate frisbee. While true, it’s a little too narrow to have much meaning. Turns out that you can be the top or the first or the only company if you create a narrow enough definition. However, I just have to laugh when I read something like this.

While maybe not fully true, the same feels true for Best in KLAS. It feels like every company is Best in KLAS. So much so that I thought about asking to talk with companies that weren’t Best in KLAS. I’m sure there are some companies that aren’t Best in KLAS, but it will be fun to go around the HIMSS exhibit area and see what companies aren’t Best in < INSERT SOME AWARD >. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing since we wouldn’t want a bunch of companies that aren’t award worthy in health IT.

What are some of the best headlines you’ve seen that do something similar? Share them in the comments or on social media with @hcittoday. There’s certainly plenty that will come our way in the next couple weeks. I guess that’s our job, to cut through the noise for readers. After all, I’m the #1 blogger at HIMSS20 that cuts through the noise for readers and wears salmon pants.

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