Estimated Revenue Share of International Acute Care EHR Vendors

Signify Research has just shared a report that estimates the 2018 revenue share of Acute Care EHR in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) market. The estimate the EMR/EHR IT market in that international region to be worth $3.7 Billion in 2018 (includes both acute and ambulatory applications).

The market share of the EHR vendors working in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa is quite interesting:

Unlike the US market which is dominated by a couple players, the Acute EHR market internationally is much more diverse with Cerner being the only vendor breaking double digit market share. Agfa Health is close, but the report notes that Agfa is looking to sell that piece of its business.

These numbers are really interesting given what we hear from many of the EHR vendors in the US. In many ways, the meaningful use stimulus money pushed the US market forward to near 100% EHR adoption. Certainly there’s still plenty of vendor switching that’s going to happen going forward, but those in the US have basically made a decision on which EHRs they’re going to choose.

The same isn’t true internationally where we see a really wide variety of local and international vendors trying to address the unique needs of each individual country. Certainly this is why many of the EHR vendors that have been successful in the US are now looking internationally to be able to really expand their businesses. Something along these lines is said on every EHR vendor earnings call. The international EHR market share data above explains at least part of why this big opportunity still exists.

We’ll keep an eye on these numbers going forward. It will also be interesting to see if EHR vendors that are having success internationally start spending their development resources on international localization and stop innovating the US EHR product. It’s never an all or nothing positioning, but developing a product to work in other countries does steal development time that could have been spent on other EHR features that users need.

What do you think of these market share numbers? What’s been your experience with EHR internationally? Will we eventually have a big EHR winner internationally?

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