A Look at the #HITsm Community

With the Healthcare and IT Marketing Conference (HITMC) happening this week, we decided to take the week off from the regularly schedule weekly #HITsm chat. The chats aren’t as good when we’re distracted at a conference. However, we’ll be back the week after with a great chat on Mental Health with Janae Sharp on April 26th.

As we take the week off, I thought I’d take a minute to share some thoughts on the community and to solicit your thoughts on it as well. I can’t remember the exact date that the #HITsm chat started since it wasn’t started by me, but it’s fair to say that it’s been around for about a decade. That’s a really long time for a community to be getting together weekly for a Twitter chat. Props to all of you who have made the Twitter chats special.

As I look back on the #HITsm chat, I can trace so many amazing friends, peers, partners, colleagues, and more to the #HITsm chat. It literally transforms my experience at health IT conferences since there are so many people that I know from Twitter that makes going to a conference and meeting in person so much better.

I’ve also learned so much about health IT from the weekly Twitter chats. There’s something special about coming together in a flat platform like Twitter to learn and share. Reminds me of the video where Colin Hung said that #HCLDR was special because everyone came together and titles didn’t really matter. That’s a really powerful thing that many who don’t use Twitter don’t understand. Plus, the community has such a wide variety of perspectives and experience.

While the connections and learning have been great, I sit back and wonder if there isn’t anything more we could do with the community to accomplish even more. I ask since I haven’t figured it out myself. Colin knows that I’m always ruminating on this idea and trying to think of creative ways to connect the health IT community even more.

What do you think? What would you like to see happen with the #HITsm community? Should we just keep it the way it is now? Should we overhaul it? Should we try something new? You’re all apart of the community, so let us know your ideas. We’re not afraid of experimenting with ideas that might fail as long as we think it will be something that the community will value.

Thanks to all of the individuals that contribute and make the #HITsm community great. I feel lucky to be the caretaker of the community for now. At some point, I’m sure I’ll pass the baton to someone else. That’s the way a community should work since we’re all leaders and followers.

Also, let me know if you have ideas for people we should have host a future #HITsm chat. Or let us know if you’d like to host. We keep it really simple for the host and the good thing is that you just have to ask the questions. As host, you don’t have to have all the answers. If you’re interested or have ideas for hosts, let us know in the comments, on Twitter, or on our Contact Us page.

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John Lynn

John Lynn

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