Open vs Closed IoT Platforms – Industry Perspectives from HIMSS 2019

While at HIMSS 2019, I asked a number of people I met with to provide some industry perspectives and insights. Basically, tell me something that I don’t know or tell me something that not enough people were talking about. I got a wide variety of perspectives and insights. This week we’ll be highlighting a series of four insights. First up is a look at open vs closed IoT platforms.

Is the Future of IoT an Open or Closed Infrastructure?
In my discussion with Anthony Petrucci from HID Global, he raised an important question about the future of IoT in healthcare. At the core of the question is whether healthcare organizations should continue to implement a series of closed point solutions or whether they need to be looking for a common platform for all of their IoT infrastructure.

Anthony made the case quite effectively that an open IoT infrastructure is going to win out long term. Sure, we see some point solutions going in now, but that won’t be sustainable for most organizations. A few of the reasons he offered was that the analytics available when you have an open platform for all of your IoT devices are much better than trying to aggregate analytics across a number of closed point solutions.

Second, he argued that a common platform creates a better user experience. A simple example is organizations that have to support multiple badges for their employees. That has physician burnout written all over it. If you’ve been there, you’ve experienced that first hand. Plus, let’s not forget the overall management and scalability of open platforms vs closed point solutions.

The potential for IoT in healthcare is fascinating across a number of compliance and user experience areas including handwashing, wayfinding, temperature monitoring (ie. vaccines), and much more. Having experience open vs closed across a wide variety of tech solutions, I’m apt to agree with the idea that an open IoT infrastructure will be more effective for a healthcare organization in the long run.

What do you think about the future of IoT in healthcare? Will organizations need to embrace an open platform or will point solutions be fine? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and on Twitter with @HealthcareScene.

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