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At the end of a year and start of a new year, I always like to look back and see what we’ve accomplished. This year will be a big year looking back on the Healthcare Scene media network. We’ve grown the team in a big way so we could expand the Healthcare and IT Marketing Community and launch a new healthcare IT focused conference which was a great success. We collapsed the whole network of health IT blogs into one blog here at Healthcare IT Today. Even with all of those changes, we continued to do our best to bring together the healthcare IT community in unique ways.

I ran a few numbers and in 2018 we published 810 healthcare IT articles. Those articles contained 460,717 words or about 569 words per article. We’ve also had 371,889 visitors to those articles on the website and we’ve sent those articles out in 7,769,520 emails. Thanks to each of you who reads the content we create. Hopefully, you’ve found something that helps you better perform your job. Working in healthcare IT is not easy work. Keeping up with all the changes is really challenging, so hopefully, we’ve helped you stay up to date on some of the latest happenings.

As we finish our look back at 2018, here’s a look at the top 5 articles from our main 3 websites (which have all been now collapsed down to Healthcare IT Today) and a little bit of commentary on each.

Top 5 Posts from EMR and HIPAA

  1. Healthcare IT and EHR Conferences and Events – Still one of the best resources out there for those interested in the various healthcare IT conferences. We’ll be going in shortly to update it some more, but it gives you a good idea of some of the best healthcare IT conferences.
  2. Texting Patients Is OK Under HIPAA, as long as you… – This was some really big news coming out of #HIMSS18 and massive props to Mike Semel for capturing the news and writing it up.
    While it’s one of our most popular articles, I still think most doctors haven’t gotten the word about texting patients.
  3. 10 Ways Many Dental Offices Are Breaching HIPAA – Amazing to see this article from 2014 still churning, but I guess dental offices are as worried about HIPAA breaches as the rest of healthcare.
  4. 5 Practical Use Cases Anchoring Blockchain in Healthcare – This article deserved all of the traffic. It’s a piece I think of often when I’m talking about blockchain in healthcare with people. David Houlding from Microsoft Health does a great job providing some real practical use cases for blockchain in healthcare.
  5. Benefits of EMR or EHR Over Paper Charts – I’m amazed that this page is still going strong. I’m actually kind of embarrased to see it the way it is. It could use a lot of updating and love. However, it does illustrate a few things. First, what were we thinking all these years ago as we started to adopt EHR software. Second, there are a lot of benefits to EHR software that we’ve really started to take for granted. My favorite that I reference often is the legibility of notes. Sure, there’s plenty to complain about when it comes to EHR software, but I don’t hear many people follow that up with a reminder that they use to complain about reading the paper charts. This list is a reminder of a number other benefits of EHR which we now take for granted.

Top 5 Posts from EMR and EHR

  1. Facebook in Healthcare – People are just genuinely curious about Facebook getting into healthcare. It hasn’t really happened in a big way yet, but everyone is watching and waiting to see what they do I think.
  2. What the EMR Industry Can Learn From Facebook – This post is from 2012 and is still popular. Ironically, I think healthcare could still learn a lot from Facebook, but in very different ways than the way we talked about it back in 2012. Security and privacy of data being the top of that list. Facebook has been through the ringer this year when it comes to how they use the data they have. I don’t expect that to stop. Healthcare should look at what they’ve done and act quite different when it comes to informing patients of how their data is being used.
  3. Epic Launches FHIR-Based App Platform – Hard to believe that this was written back in 2017. In 2018, this became an even bigger story with Epic even hosting its first startup competition. Something I wasn’t sure I’d ever write.
  4. Publicly Traded Health IT Companies – Pretty interesting list from 2014. I guess it’s time I start listening to Anne Zieger a bit more and we start covering more of these publicly traded healthcare IT companies here on Healthcare IT Today.
  5. Clinicians File Class Action Suit Against eClinicalWorks – No surprise that this post was so popular. I still don’t think we’ve seen all the fallout from what’s gone down at eCW. Lawsuit after Lawsuit after Lawsuit. Would be hard to be an eCW customer in 2018. I’m interested to see how many forgive and keep using them and how many of them finally decide to leave.
    Makes me want to talk to a new eCW customer to see how they reconcile purchasing their software.
    So far I haven’t found one yet.

Top 5 Posts from Hospital EMR and EHR

  1. Why Is It So Hard to Become a Certified Epic consultant? – It’s no wonder why this post is so successful. Becoming Epic certified is kind of like a golden ticket in many ways. Because Epic has restricted their EHR certification in such a big way, it’s driven up the price for Epic consultants. Ironically, all of Epic’s customers would benefit if Epic was more open and allowed more people to become Epic certified. Maybe Judy’s argument against this is that if she’s more open with Epic certification, then the quality of Epic implementations would suffer. It seems like there’s a happy medium that could be reached where more qualified people were Epic certified to help lower the cost of Epic consultants while still maintaining the quality. Does anyone think Judy will change this approach? I’m not counting on it. BTW, Cerner has a similar issue as well, so it’s not just Epic.
  2. Will Medical Coders Be Needed in the Future? – HIM Scene – I’m always happy when my HIM focused articles rise to the top. Although, I guess many in the HIM world are interested in the future of medical coding. I still stick by my assertion in that post that medical coding won’t be replaced by computers, but it will become more of a collaboration between technology and humans.
  3. Why Do People Dislike Epic So Much? Let Me Count The Ways – This article from 2011 is a fascinating read in 2019. In many ways Epic is still the same (and still disliked by many) and in many ways they’re trying to be different. At the end of the day, the key is the customers and I don’t know of Epic customers that are really looking to switch EHR. I guess there’s something to say about that.
  4. Epic’s 13 Principles – When you read the various writeups that explore the oddities of Epic’s comapny culture, you always hear about the 13 principles. Most of these are pretty good principles really.
    Although, some of them they seem to take to an extreme.
  5. Using Geography to Combat the Opioid Crisis – Great to see Colin’s post on the Opioid Crisis making this list. The power we have available to us when we take data and apply ot healthcare is amazing. This is particularly true when you talk about applying it to geography.
  6. Bonus: The Anti Moonshot Conference – Focusing on Practical #HealthIT Innovation – I had to add the 6th one on the list because I’m proud of the success we had launching the conference. Reading this a year later, I’m so proud that we were able to create this vision of a new Healthcare IT conference and then execute it effectively. I think everyone involved felt like it was a different kind of event and one where you could be vulnerable and find practical solutions to real problems.
    I’m looking forward to continuing to build that community in 2019.

This might be the last time I mention each of those sites individually. Now we have the beautifully consolidated Healthcare IT Today. Many of you might know the feeling of moving into a new home. That’s kind of what it feels like for me. We’ve still got some proverbial boxes to put away and we’re trying to figure out where all the furniture should go, but we’re getting there. What won’t change is our goal to continually provide you the most practical insights and healthcare IT information.

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