On the 11th Day of #HITChristmas … Nick T Adams and Care Thread

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On the 11th Day of #HITChristmas we’re excited to feature, Nick T Adams and Care Thread.

Tell us about yourself and Care Thread.

We started Care Thread to make it easier for care teams to access information and communicate with each other about it via mobile and web apps. Our robust clinical messaging and workflow automation engine keep the entire care team current and in sync. My cofounders and I spent our entire lives in hospitals around doctors, nurses, pharmacists, et al. We grew up understanding the limitations of EMRs as real-time workflow tools for care teams. EMRs are essential pieces of IT in healthcare, but they aren’t very good at updating care teams or delivering the right piece of information about a patient to the right person on the care team – in real time. This factor means people on care teams have to: look up, chase down, follow up, interrupt, escalate, look up again, etc. to deliver the care needed for a patient to get better and return to health. This represents embedded drag in the system of acute care delivery. Care Thread uses push-based technology and deep EMR integration to reduce this drag and make healthcare delivery and operational efficiency better, while reducing the clerical stress of clinical employees.

How does Care Thread improve care team coordination?

Care Thread’s solves the “Who’s on first, What’s on Second” (Abbott & Costello) problem in healthcare–everyone knows who their patients are but nobody seems to know who anyone else’s patients are. This creates clinical and operational inefficiencies in hospitals and across healthcare networks. Care Thread’s patent-pending Care Team Mapping™ engine keeps track of everyone associated with each patient, via EMR data we consume and from the communication patterns of each person on a patient care team–which patient they are discussing and with whom, all within a patient-specific chat thread visible to the entire care team. Our clinical workflow automation engine injects relevant updates about each patient into the thread, notifying only the relevant team members, or everyone, depending on the type of information change in the EMR. This saves care teams valuable time finding and sharing pertinent updates to patient information.

What kind of integrations do you have with other healthcare IT systems like the EHR in order to facilitate the real-time clinical information sharing to do?

We are agnostic to the EMR system and easily integrate with any EMR in a matter of hours–not days or weeks. Our engine ingests real-time feeds of HL7 (v2/v3) data, uses SOAP/REST API protocals for Web services, and can easily upload flat files. Through our rich integrations with any EMR system (so far Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Allscripts), combined with our previously mentioned Care Team Mapping™ engine, Care Thread knows who needs to know which piece of patient information. By automating clinical workflows we reduce variance in the workflow standard, and this improvse quality.

What’s an example of the type of impact Care Thread is having on patients?

One of our customers was struggling to move patients through the Emergency Department (ED) during the admissions process. Upon implementing Care Thread mobile and web with the ED doctors and hospitalists, they achieved a ~58 minute reduction in median LOS per patient in the ED. This was a 21% reduction in their median ED throughput and has been sustained for years.

Another customer of ours leverages our deep integrations to support their Antimicrobial Stewardship (AS) program with mobile notifications of Orders. Whenever a prescribing doctor or NP/PA orders a restricted antibiotic, Care Thread automatically notifies the AS team, including the Infectious Disease doctor, ID PharmD, and others so they can discuss if the ABx is the best empirical choice.

What is Care Thread looking to accomplish next?

In 2019, Care Thread is focused on implementing and scaling our current customers by expanding our library of clinical workflow automations for care teams, while continually improving our mobile experience of real-time chat and collaboration for care teams. Additionally, we are excited to enter the New Year with some partnerships enabling deep EMR integration and mobile activation for some healthcare companies in the AI, predictive analytics, and clinical decision support spaces.

What can the healthcare IT community do for you and Care Thread?

Reach out to us at Care Thread to learn more about how we help hospital care teams regain some of the joy of practicing medicine, by lowering the clerical and administrative burdens of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, et al, with real-time, mobile workflow collaboration technology for care teams.

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