On the 10th Day of #HITChristmas … Shelli-Ann Jackson and ROI Healthcare Solutions

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On the 10th Day of #HITChristmas we’re excited to feature, Shelli-Ann Jackson and ROI Healthcare Solutions.

Tell us about yourself and ROI Healthcare Solutions.

About Shelli-Ann Jackson, RN, PMP:        
I have over 18 years of healthcare expertise and have been fortunate to work in quality healthcare and IT roles. With a background as a dedicated RN, I’ve had the privilege of contributing within nursing leadership, informatics, training, full cycle clinical and non-clinical system implementation, and project management. My experiences have given me a unique perspective that bridges the knowledge gap between clinical, IT staff, and the community. I am a two-time graduate of Molloy College in NY, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and a Master of Science degree in Nursing Administration and Informatics.

About ROI Healthcare Solutions:
Founded as a trusted IT services partner in 1999, ROI offers healthcare project management, consulting, implementation, optimization, support, and staffing services related to ERP and EHR initiatives.

Our true value centers around driving process improvement, efficiency gains, and cost savings within finance, business operations, and clinical environments. ROI has been recognized by KLAS as the highest rated provider of Business Solutions Implementation Services and Partial IT Outsourcing. In addition, ROI was recognized by INC 5000 as a fast-growing company and by Modern Healthcare as one of the Best Places to Work in Healthcare in 2018. It is an honor to be recognized by our customers and objective entities as a quality partner, going above and beyond to create value and ongoing connection.

Our culture is people-centric, focused on high engagement, aligning people with their areas of passion, and delivering excellent service. Each team member has 10+ years of functional and technical experience in healthcare.

What are the topics your clients are interested in and worrying about today?

Cost Savings & Efficiency:

Clients are regularly looking for ways to drive down costs and create the best patient experiences possible. Outdated systems, M&A activities, and everchanging industry regulations all present their own pressures that need to be responded to effectively and in a timely manner. For many of our clients who have more limited budgets and resources, knowing that they are bringing in the right partners upfront is essential to ensure that they avoid future rework.

Getting Returns on Technology Investments:

The transition to comprehensive EHR Solutions has been underway for quite some time. ERP solutions are being upgraded, consolidated, and replaced. The complexities of business transformation in the healthcare sector must be carefully planned for, managed, and measured by a team of executive sponsors, strong program management, and skilled functional and technical staff. Vetting vendors and implementation partners, aligning resources, examining processes, and managing a large budget create pressure for executive steering committees as they navigate the paths to success. The most significant gaps and lessons learned that we hear are related to organizational resistance to change, product offering ambiguity (what is out of the box vs. extra), identifying the right partner, and creating results that align with the goals of the organization.

Striking a Balance Across People, Process, and Technology:

Signing a contract for new product or service is an important first step of any project. However, the mission, vision, and values of each organization must be represented by the team structure, operational processes, and the supporting technology. If new software is implemented with outdated and redundant processes, there is a strong chance that the ROI will be hindered. If team members fear change and resist new solutions, adoption goals may not be reached. The intersection of people, process, and technology is where true ROI resides. ROI Healthcare Solutions was named after this valuable metric for this very reason.

Share a story of a time you saw the impact for good that technology can have on healthcare.

ROI recently partnered with a children’s hospital to implement Infor CloudSuite Financials and HCM solutions. Through the implementation, the hospital established the ability to view the workforce holistically across all departments and abilities. HR service delivery has improved through self-service and mobile technologies, staff has become more empowered to engage in their career development, and bottlenecks/response times have been improved. On the financial side, the chart of accounts was realigned to create a dimensional ledger necessary for advanced reporting and ledger redundancies were reduced by 17%. The technology vastly improved the hospital’s cross-functional visibility and reporting capabilities, reduced data redundancies and errors, and created a more cohesive workforce with the necessary insights to make the best decisions possible.

What challenge or technology is not getting talked about enough in healthcare?   

Mergers and acquisitions have taken the healthcare industry by storm for many years now. Community hospitals are struggling to sustain financial stability, provide quality care in their local areas, and compete with larger health systems. I would like to see more clear pathways to success for both large organizations that grow through acquisition and for smaller community hospitals. Both have a place in this market and trusted partners like ROI have a role to play in assessing and optimizing processes, consolidating systems, managing change, and augmenting internal teams to move forward.

If you could wave a magic wand and have one thing in healthcare IT change, what would it be and why?

I wish that every patient could experience a high value of care, due to highly engaged and trained staff members, streamlined processes, robust technologies, and secure data.

The evolution of technology continues to introduce new innovations, such as machine learning, Internet of Things, and big data.  No matter how advanced healthcare IT becomes, the human elements of change management, process efficiency, program management, and communication must continue to reside at the foundation of healthcare. It is possible to embrace new ideas and innovations while also protecting and strengthening core principles that have been proven for decades, across many industries.

What can the healthcare IT community do to help you and ROI Healthcare Solutions?

  • Share ideas. We can all help each other grow. Learning from one another’s experiences leads to greater success. This is essential in healthcare, as it impacts not only the outcomes for our organizations, but the well-being of those we serve.
  • Use objective insights organizations, such as KLAS Research, to streamline your research and decision processes related to technology and services.
  • Refer health systems and hospitals who need our services, so that we can determine areas of alignment and future value opportunities.

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