When Your Skills Don’t Quite Fit People’s Expectations of a “Good Hire”

Ok, I’ll be honest and say that it’s the holiday season, we just spent a couple sleepless nights redoing this site and moving all of our blogs here, and I wanted an excuse to share this incredible commercial with all of you. That’s the real reason for this blog post. That said, we’re still trying to figure out the new normal here at Healthcare IT Today. All of our individual blogs used to have a rhythm and now that rhythm is thrown off. Don’t worry. We have the holidays to figure it out.

In today’s case, we’d usually do a blog post focused on healthcare IT careers and other related topics. So, it seemed fitting for this week’s blog post to share this amazing video by the Google Assistant team which highlights Kevin McCallister and his hit movie Home Alone. I imagine most of you have seen it, but just in case you haven’t you can see it below.

For anyone that loves Home Alone (and how could you not love it?), this commercial is just brilliantly done. The perfect mix of humor and nostalgia that features their product really well. Something that the Healthcare Marketing Community can really appreciate.

However, the interesting thing to me is how Macaulay Culkin was such a huge success. Who would have ever thought that a slightly awkward, kind of annoying kid could be so successful? At least one casting director thought so and the part did seem to fit him pretty perfectly. Sounds like a perfect lesson for life no?

Often we look at someone and their qualifications and we think that they don’t really fit into our expectations of what would be considered a “Good Hire.” However, I’ve found that many of those hires are actually the right hire and some of the best hires. As hiring managers in healthcare IT, sometimes you have to focus on their strengths and look past some of their weaknesses to know how they can best contribute to your organization.

If you don’t like the comparison. That’s fine. At least you got to enjoy a pretty hilarious video. Not to mention, it’s a pretty awesome look at the power of voice assistants and how much technology is really changing the world we live in. Lots of those changes are coming to healthcare as well. More on voice assistant technology in future articles.

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