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We’re excited to share the topic and questions for this week’s #HITsm chat happening Friday, 12/14 at Noon ET (9 AM PT). This week’s chat will be hosted by Claire Pfarr (@clairepfarr) from @OneViewHC and the @Savvy_Coop Community on the topic of “Now That We Found [Patients], What Are We Going To Do?“.

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For years, the health industry has been talking about being more patient-centered, but weren’t doing it effectively. A lot of companies wouldn’t touch working with patients, while others said they’d do anything to help patients, but didn’t walk the talk. Meanwhile for patients, the idea that the system cared about their needs seemed like a fantasy.

We are at a crossroad, where some companies will continue down a familiar path, where others will choose to walk hand and hand with patients and forge a new trail.

Companies who put more money and effort into uncovering true patient priorities will have a bigger impact by solving the problems patients actually have. These can be big problems–like finding cures–to smaller quality of life measures that have a big impact. For example, one thing Oneview learned was that environmental factors like room lighting and temperature, made patients more uncomfortable in their hospital rooms, and were problems they could help solve. It might not be sexy, but it makes a difference for patients. Healthcare doesn’t always have to be a jagged little pill.

The best way to identify these patient priorities is to work directly with patients. More companies and innovators are getting on board with the need to work with patients, but don’t necessarily know where to find them and how to work with them. Some might ask a patient or two, but you get what you give, and that may not be sufficient to understand the full patient experience. The more patient voices you can learn from, the better.

That’s why Oneview and Savvy Cooperative have teamed up to offer the first Savvy Co-op Membership Drive. Savvy is a patient-owned co-op that helps companies get the patient insights they need to build better products and services. It is collectively owned by its patient members, and during the co-op drive we are getting the word out to give more patients a voice! And if that wasn’t exciting enough, between now and Dec 31st, members have the chance to win weekly raffle prizes and could even win a trip to Orlando, FL for #HIMSS19! Make sure to join and refer members to win!

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Join us for this week’s #HITsm chat where we talk about working with patients.

Topics for this week’s #HITsm Chat:
T1: Think of the last time you went to a doctor’s office/hospital. What would have made that process better? (it may not be tech!) #HITsm

T2: What are ways your company or your work can support patients? #HITsm

T3: How do you think the patient voice is important in the work you personally do day-to-day? #HITsm

T4: How do you think large consumer brands will force healthcare to be more in touch with patients’ needs? #HITsm

T5: Oneview and Savvy Cooperative are sending more patients to #HIMSS19. Where do you think HIMSS could use a dose of patient perspective? #HITsm

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