Is EHR Use Causing Physician Burnout?

The following is a guest blog post by Wayne Crandall, President & CEO of NoteSwift.

Over the past decade, numerous studies have been published with the same concerning conclusion – physicians are increasingly expressing feelings of burnout, frustration, and a lack of support from their employers and technology solutions. There is no single cause for this burnout, but there are plenty of signals pointing to a primary cause:

EHR use, requirements, and regulations are leading to incredibly high levels of physician burnout.

The data is increasingly clear on this issue. Consider this statistic: according to a 2015 survey, almost 90% of doctors feel moderately to severely stressed and burned out on an average workday.

And this one: A new study by the University of Wisconsin and the American Medical Association (AMA) found primary care physicians spend almost six hours (5.9) on EHR data entry during a typical 11.4 hour workday.

Because of this rapid rise in physician burnout and clear connection to EHR use and management, we decided to look more deeply into the causes, symptoms, and possible solutions to the physician burnout crisis. The result of this research is a newly published white paper we’ve created in partnership with Dr. Robert Van Demark, Jr., a leading voice on the issue of physician burnout.

In this paper, you’ll find the following:

  • Compilation of recent data and studies on the symptoms and causes or physician burnout.
  • Researching connecting physician burnout to employee retention
  • Examination of how EHR use contributes to the burnout crisis
  • A look ahead to emerging solutions to this crisis

There are many compelling examples for why this research is more timely and important than ever. In a time where many physicians are questioning whether the burnout, stress, and anxiety are worth it, health care systems are reporting massive costs for recruiting and replacing doctors who leave due to burnout and overwork. The stakes could not be higher for health systems, doctors, and patients who need access to expert care.

The paper also takes a closer look at the innovative world of artificial intelligence and how it holds much promise for improving health care and EHR entry through automation and understanding. At a time where physicians are looking for more ways to control their workflow and create better, more efficient care for patients, the world of artificial intelligence is leading the way toward better solutions and better care.

I was recently reading a helpful LinkedIn article on the topic of physician burnout, and the author noted how many practices and health care systems focus on treating the symptoms of physician burnout instead of treating the actual cause of this burnout. More meetings, more committees, more work for doctors, while the underlying causes go untreated. EHRs are a primary cause of this burnout, and we believe that finding a better way to handle our EHR work is major way we can improve workflows and reduce physician burnout. Hopefully this white paper can lead the conversation in that direction.

To receive your complimentary copy of this white paper, “Physician Burnout By The Numbers,” click here. You’ll receive instant access to the paper as a resource for you and your team.

About Wayne Crandall
Wayne Crandall’s career in technology spans sales, marketing, product management, strategic development and operations. Wayne was a co-founder, executive officer, and senior vice president of sales, marketing and business development at Nuance Communications and was responsible for growing the company to over $120M following the acquisition of Dragon and SpeechWorks.

Prior to joining the NoteSwift team, Wayne was President and CEO of CYA Technologies and then took over as President of enChoice, which specialized in ECM systems and services, when they purchased CYA.

Wayne joined NoteSwift, Inc. at its inception, working with founder Dr. Chris Russell to build the team from the ground up. Wayne has continued to guide the company’s growth and evolution, resulting in the development of the industry’s first AI-powered EHR Virtual Assistant, Samantha(TM).

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