An Adult Video Game Better than Fortnite

I always love when someone takes something that seems unrelated and connects them in ways that are surprisingly good. That’s the reaction that I had when Zack Kanter shared this tweet with his followers about what he calls the adult video game that’s more impressive than the Fortnite phenomenon.

Pretty funny to think about, but that is how many people are using LinkedIn. What I don’t think Zack highlights is the majority of people that are using LinkedIn in ways which really do connect business people to work together.

Trust me, I’ve seen all the nefarious behavior that can happen on LinkedIn. None of that works and it certainly can be annoying at times. However, when you’re connecting with people you’ve actually met in person at a conference or other people that you know about or have heard about, LinkedIn is a really powerful tool. At least in the world of Healthcare IT, there’s almost no one that doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile.

Another feature of LinkedIn which doesn’t get nearly enough credit is the job change notices. I’ve found a ton of value in looking at the notices of who has changed jobs. First, it’s great to see how well many of my friends and former colleagues are doing in their careers. Second, job changes often present a great opportunity to reconnect and find new ways to work together.

How are you using LinkedIn in your career? What tips, tricks, or techniques do you use to “level up” on LinkedIn?

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As the lead blogger covering healthcare IT careers, Healthcare IT recruiting, and tips and tricks for healthcare IT job seekers on Healthcare IT Today, Adam brings a wealth of perspective and experience to his coverage of the industry. Having previously specialized in placing EMR implementation people with hospital clients, Adam Greenberg brings his 15 years of experience and connections in healthcare technology staffing to his coverage of the healthcare IT career space.

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  • I was on LinkedIn until I got scammed by a career coach. LinkedIn has gravitated to being a middle career Facebook and a large pool of possibilities. It has lost its direction and sense of purpose. When you’re scammed and you’re told “sorry for the inconvenience”, then the platform has no guts and nothing stands behind it.

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