Would You Rather Be Feared or Loved?

Leadership seems to be one of the common things we’ve covered here on Healthcare IT Today. It should be no surprise since leadership is such a key part of everyone’s career. Whether you are a leader or are being led by other leaders, leaders are going to impact your career more than just about anything else.

With this in mind, I was struck by the question that’s the title of this post: Would you rather be feared or loved? Of course, I found this amazing answer from Michael Scott:

The play on words is fantastic, but the message is also clear. Love is a much better leadership style than fear.

What’s interesting is that there are plenty of stories of bosses that used fear to build successful companies. However, as you dig into it more, you realize that they were successful despite the fear they created. Plus, you also see that fear can be effective in the short term, but always catches up with itself.

What kind of environment and culture do you have in your organization? Is it one that leads with fear or love? What are each of those like and how does it impact you? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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  • At Agency Ten22, we’re all about the love. Set expectations, monitor and measure for sure. But do it with kindness, compassion when needed and a unified team of like-minded professionals all focused on a single goal–serve our clients.

    I believe there is room for fear, but it can’t be your go-to. Thank you for posting. Beth

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