Your Health is Your Wealth

It’s amazing the impact your job can have on your health. Not to mention the influence your boss can have on your health as well. I was reminded of this when I discovered this incredible story shared by Ben Ramedani about a man who had health issues and how it impacted his career. However, the better part of the story is a lesson for leaders.

I thought leadership was all about empathy, not until my friend got his marching orders right on his sick bed.

He was a hard-working man but unlucky health wise. He had fallen sick few times and had stayed away for some weeks.

No doubt, he works well when he’s fit.

His boss couldn’t take it anymore and fired him.
It was devastating as he was still in the hospital when he got the letter.

I was very angry with the boss. He could have waited for him to recover.
I fumed but there’s nothing I could do.

The letter he got worsened his condition.
He became depressed and his recovery was very slow.

There’s one thing I told him, “Your health is your wealth. Pick yourself up.”

He swallowed the pains and a few weeks later, he recovered.
He began to job hunt and after three months, he got a new role.

He told his new boss about his health condition.
To my surprise, the new boss worked a strategy to keep him fit.
He stayed many months without falling sick.
He helped scale the company to another level.
He was promoted after a year.

I reminded him my words, “Your health is your wealth.”
He smiled and said, “Yes”

A true leader gets the best out of his team. A bad workplace affects your health, never work where they don’t care about your health.
After all, we are human.

Your health really is your wealth so be sure to take care of it. If you’re a boss, make sure you’re doing what you can to take care of your employees too. Their health is the company’s wealth too. That can often get forgotten if you’re not careful.

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