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We’re excited to share the topic and questions for this week’s #HITsm chat happening Friday, 9/14 at Noon ET (9 AM PT). This week’s chat will be hosted by John Lynn (@techguy) from @HealthcareScene on the topic of “Video Games and Healthcare IT“.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the #HITsm chat and it’s evolution since the beginning. As my colleague Colin Hung knows, I’ve long been asking what the future of the chats will be and what’s the value the community can receive from these chats. I’ll admit that I’m still not sure all the answers to those questions, so I’d love to hear your thoughts.

With that said, I do think Twitter chats have been great for two things: connections and learning.

I think the #HITsm chat has served me and many in the community well on both accounts. In the beginning, Twitter chats were an excellent way for us to discover and connect with new and interesting people who were working in the field of healthcare IT. No doubt many of us found hundreds of new friends who were as passionate about the user of technology in healthcare as us. It was an amazing thing and provided so much value to everyone involved. This led to in person meetups that took all of those connections to new levels.

While this still happens today, there is a bit of a diminishing returns that happens now that so many of us know each other so well both online and in person. I’ll be interested to see how this evolves since we still do get new people who join these chats, but even then I wonder how they feel entering a community that kind of already knows each other.

The other clear goal from Twitter chats is learning. It’s always great to take part in a topic where so many experts come together and share knowledge. However, is this the best way to learn? Is there a way we could leverage the community more for learning? Is there a way we could involve more experts to increase the learning and sharing even more? These are all open questions that I’m trying to figure out and would love your thoughts.

As I thought about these things, one thing I realized is that some of the best parts of Twitter chats is connecting around common pieces of humanity. Things like travel, music, geek stuff, and food were always tangential topics that often revealed a different side of people in the community. I loved these tangents (as many people likely realized) because it created a new type of connection with someone in the community. Long story short, I wondered if we could create more of this type of interaction to strengthen bonds in the community in ways we couldn’t plan.

That’s the genesis of this week’s #HITsm chat. Let’s talk about a topic that no doubt many in the community know and love: video games. Most of us have gone through multiple generations of video games. Let’s spend some time sharing some nostalgic moments from video games to connect with others in the community. Then, we’ll also look at how our experience with video games could inform our work in healthcare IT.

We hope you’ll join us for this week’s #HITsm chat on video games. I’m sure we have some passionate memories that will be shared and possibly some new ideas and perspectives on how we can make healthcare better.

Topics for this week’s #HITsm Chat:
T1: What was your first video game system? How’d you get it? What games did you have? #HITsm

T2: Name your top 5 video games and why you loved them. Any memories or special moments with those video games are welcome too. #HITsm

T3: What did video games teach you (good or bad)? #HITsm

T4: Where would you like to see video game principles included in healthcare IT? Share some examples of how healthcare would benefit if it was more like video games. #HITsm

T5: Analogies are fun. What parallels can you draw between video game experiences and healthcare IT? #HITsm

Bonus: If you could create a special power (like they do in video games) what would it be? #HITsm

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We look forward to learning from the #HITsm community! As always, let us know if you’d like to host a future #HITsm chat or if you know someone you think we should invite to host.

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