Always Remembering 9/11

I’m not sure what it’s like for other people, but 9/11 is a day full of really mixed emotions for me. I’ve been reminded of it over the past couple weeks when people want to schedule meetings with me. As we’ve talked over schedules, I’ve wondered if I should schedule a work meeting on 9/11. The feelings are so raw for me that a part of me feels like that’s not appropriately honoring all of the people that lost their lives. The other part of me feels like carrying on is the best way to honor those that lost their lives. I palpably remember the feeling that the evil people win when we stop doing what we do. So, I try to have a normal day on a very not normal day.

We all have to deal with tragedies in our own way. I was grateful last night when my daughter came and asked me if I wanted to talk to her before she went to sleep. I laid down next to her and just talked. That’s a great moment and one that I’d remember and be grateful for if tragedy struck. I need to create more of those moments and never take them for granted.

There are so many stories out there from 9/11. I’m grateful that my children are learning about it from all of the movies and documentaries done about it. However, I don’t think they can fully understand. When I’m blogging on 9/11, I’ll always think of the story of Dirk Stanley on 9/11.

Many of you probably know Dirk since he’s active in healthcare IT social media. If you have met Dirk you would know almost instantly that he’s an amazing individual. However, this story takes the cake when it comes to illustrating the type of people we have working in healthcare IT. Plus, Dirk doesn’t really think much of it and certainly doesn’t want any honor. I’ve heard him say that he was just doing what he could to help even as a 3rd year medical student. That’s what makes him so special. Enjoy Dirk’s inspiring story below as told by ABC News Channel 7 in New York.

What a tragic day, but stories like Dirk’s still give me hope for the future.

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