The Ambulatory EHR Market with Raul Villar, Jr. CEO of AdvancedMD

The ambulatory EHR market is near to my heart since that’s where I started when I entered this world of healthcare IT. My first job was implementing an EHR in a small ambulatory practice. As regular readers know, I’ve commented on how the independent small practice is in trouble. I’m not suggesting this is what I’d like to happen or what should happen, but there are certainly a lot of challenging pressures on small practices.

Along with these pressures, the ambulatory EHR market is extremely different today than it was 5-10 years ago. The $36 billion funded meaningful use era of EHR adoption was what I call the golden age of EHR. We could argue whether it was a golden calf or not, but from a market standpoint, the meaningful use money fueled adoption of the EHR.

Today’s ambulatory EHR market is very different. That’s why we were excited to sit down with Raul Villar, Jr. CEO of AdvancedMD to talk about his perspective on the ambulatory EHR market. We also talk with him about the evolution of AdvancedMD as it went from ownership by ADP to now being owned by Marlin Equity Partners and what those changes mean for their customers. Plus, we go over AdvancedMD’s acquisition of NueMD and what their strategy is behind the acquisition. Finally, we talk about EHR vendors as a platform and where he sees AdvancedMD taking their platform in the future.

If you’re interested in the ambulatory EHR market or in AdvancedMD, you’ll enjoy this interview with Raul Villar, Jr.

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