Looking Back: Facebook in Healthcare

Today I decided that I’d start regularly doing a series of blog posts called Looking Back. In this blog post series I’ll look back at some of my popular (and maybe some not so popular) blog posts I’ve written and see how it holds up today. Have things changed? Were we totally wrong? Did we forget those lessons? I’ve done this on occasion, but with over 12,000 blog posts I think I want to make this a regular feature. There’s a lot of value in looking back at old posts and remembering where we came from and how things have changed.

Today’s “Looking Back” post was published in October 2014 and was titled Facebook in Healthcare. I’ll wait here while you go and read the post.

Now that you’ve read the post…

It’s fascinating for us to think about Facebook in healthcare. Especially with what we now know about people using Facebook to influence elections and other nefarious things. It’s sad, because those same people could have used Facebook to do some good things for healthcare, but they didn’t. That’s not to say that there aren’t some good Facebook healthcare groups that provide value for patients. There are, but they aren’t really stuff that Facebook has been working on as a specific product.

What’s crazy is that even back in 2014 when I wrote the previous post, I suggested that many people didn’t trust Facebook with our health info. Today that’s true times 10. That said there are still a lot of people that would have no problem sharing health info on Facebook as well. It’s amazing to think about the separation between the people who would still share pretty much anything on Facebook and those who don’t want to use Facebook for anything.

What’s surprising today is that the post didn’t even look at other big companies that are now becoming big players in healthcare. I mentioned Google which was just starting back into healthcare after the failure of Google Health. However, I don’t think even back then I would have been able to predict all of the healthcare things that Google is doing through Alphabet.

The other big company that wasn’t mentioned at all is Amazon. Back in 2014, I can’t even remember Amazon being mentioned in any healthcare conversations. That’s not true today where it seems like Amazon is mentioned in almost every healthcare conversation.

Looking at things as they are now, I think Amazon will be a big player in healthcare and will have a big impact on it. However, they’re going to do it in new ways. They’re going to create new opportunities and new gateways to healthcare and healthcare services. If we look back on this post 4 years from now I think we’ll have had no idea of the ways Amazon will impact healthcare. I think of all the big tech companies out there, Amazon will have a bigger impact on healthcare than others like Apple, Google, Samsung, etc.

What’s your take on these big companies impacting healthcare? Which ones do you think will be effective and in what ways? We’ll look back on this post in 4 years and see if we’re right.

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John Lynn

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