Recapping the #HITsm Crowdsourced List of Top Technology Services & Products for Healthcare Stakeholders

The following is a guest blog post by Steve Sisko (@ShimCode). Thanks to Steve for putting in all the time and effort to collect and analyze last week’s chat in preparation for this week’s chat.

Last week, the Health Information Technology Social Media (HITsm) tweet chat hosted by Jared Jeffery @Jk_Jeffery challenged participants to share their ideas on the Top 10 Technology Services & Products for Healthcare Stakeholders. Forty-six participants shared over 500 tweets on six topics supporting the theme of the tweetchat.

In an effort to explore new ways of leveraging the wisdom of the crowd, the information, insight and ideas shared by the 46 tweetchat participants has been culled, sorted and summarized. This summary and supporting detail is intended to provide the basis for the next #HITsm chat on Friday, July 20th.

The HITsm Crowd Shares Their Insight

This blog post presents this information shared during the 7/13/18 HITsm tweetchat. While appreciation goes out to chat host Jared Jeffery and all chat participants, special acknowledgement goes out to the following individuals who shared an above average amount of information, ideas and insight gleaned from the 521 tweets shared in the hour-long chat:

Name Handle
Aaron Jun @aaronjun_
Anthony Leon @anthonynotleon
Colton Ortolf @ColtonOrtolf
Heather S Lavoie @HSLavoie
Jeremy Coleman @jeremycoleman
Joe Babaian @JoeBabaian
John Lynn @techguy
Julie Maas @JulieWMaas
Lea Chatham @LeaChatham
Michelle Currie @mshlcurrie
ShereeseM, MS/MBA @ShereesePubHlth
Steve Sisko @ShimCode


Statistics from the 7/13/18 #HITsm Tweetchat

The following are some general stats regarding the content shared by chat participants. These stats are based on removing all retweets, introductions, logistical and greetings – a total of 189 tweets remained.

Top General Categories

Category Count Category Count
Analytics 6 Payer-Prior Auth 3
Care Gap Identification & Management 3 Precision Medicine 2
Collaboration 3 SDOH 8
Communication Tools 12 Tech-API 3
Consumerism-Related 13 Tech-Blockchain 2
Cost Reduction 5 Tech-Cloud 3
Cost Transparency 8 Tech-Data 4
Disruption/Innovation 9 Tech-Ecosystem 2
General 7 Tech-Interoperability 8
Hospital & Health Systems 4 Tech-Security 3
Insurance 3 Usability-Patient/Member 7
Multiple 5 Usability-Physician 6
Patient Advocacy 2 Value-based Care 2
Patient Engagement 9 Vendor Selection 33
Patient Experience 8


Services & Functions within General Category

Category Services
Analytics Artificial Intelligence
Analytics Automatically ID candidates that match clinical trials
Analytics Population Health
Analytics Predictive Analytics
Analytics Surveillance Systems
Analytics Turnaround time on analytics decrease considerably.
Care Gap Identification & Management Aggregating data across providers to truly determine care gaps
Care Gap Identification & Management Care Gap Identification
Care Gap Identification & Management Management platforms that leverage dedicated case workers to close care gaps
Care Gap Identification & Management Schedule optimization through automated outreach
Care Gap Identification & Management SDoH platforms
Communication Tools Communication Tools
Communication Tools Cross-discipline communication tools
Communication Tools Patient provider communication tools
Communication Tools Solutions to communicate, collaborate and connect with patients.
Communication Tools Text reminders
Communication Tools Unified Conversational #AI command & control systems
Consumerism-Related Consumer Loyalty Tools
Consumerism-Related Consumer Tools
Consumerism-Related Cost Transparency Tools
Consumerism-Related Healthcare literacy and advocacy assistance
Consumerism-Related Remote patient monitoring
Cost Reduction Medical devices to augment humans
Cost Reduction Patient flow improvement
Cost Reduction Revenue cycle management
Cost Transparency Cost Transparency Tools
Cost Transparency Medication Cost
Cost Transparency Patient schedule/wait time expectations
Disruption/Innovation Solutions that put the patient voice back into design & security
General Medical Record Documentation
Hospital Analytics for reducing hospital readmission
Hospital Digital outreach for clinical trials
Hospital Services and products that support growth of outpatient services
Multiple Analytics
Multiple CRM platforms
Multiple Physician communication tools
Multiple Populaton health case manager for at risk contract patients
Multiple Telehealth
Multiple Telemedecine video solution
Multiple Text-to-voice
Patient Advocacy On-demand diagnoses and advocacy services
Patient Engagement Cost Transparency Tools
Patient Engagement ‘Healthcare CRM’ tools.
Patient Engagement Patient itineraries/real time patient portal
Patient Engagement Products & services that improve patient communications & engagement
Patient Engagement Tools to enhance brand loyalty
Patient Engagement Tools to weave social media into customer engagement
Patient Experience Having all reports in one place so I can share between docs.
Patient Experience Health technology that creates a VIP like experience for patient
Patient Experience Patient itineraries.
Patient Experience Patient self-scheduling
Patient Experience Portal aggregator
Patient Experience Products to facilitate, track and report for patient interactions with physicians and medical practice
Payer-Prior Auth Prior Authorization
Payer-Prior Auth Voice assistants helping with scheduling
Precision Medicine Precision Medicine
SDOH Call a ride service
SDOH Help support health and improve outcomes by addressing Social Determinants of Health
Tech-API Solutions that have an #API integration
Tech-Cloud Cloud-based applications
Tech-Data 3rd party data archiving
Tech-Data Patient access to medical records
Tech-Ecosystem Desktop virtualization
Tech-Interoperability Easier transfer of patient information
Tech-Interoperability Systems talk to one another.
Tech-Security Security enhancements for devices and data can reasonably be deployed
Usability-Patient Provider Directory Utility
Usability-Physician Products to help ensure physician, clinical and other user access to software applications
Vendor Selection Professional Services, with staff who REALLY understand what their product can do
Vendors Mentioned Diabetes behavior modification
Vendors Mentioned Helping the Hispanic/Latino community navigate the US healthcare system,
Vendors Mentioned Workflow automation


Company Reference by Topic

Topic Vendor Ref Category
T1 @AminoHealth Cost Transparency
T1 @CardiacInsight Cost Reduction
T1 @ClinicSpectrum Cost Reduction
T1 @HealthifyUS Care Gap Identification & Management
T1 @myopennotes General
T1 @practicemax Cost Reduction
T1 @SCIOanalytics Analytics
T1 @solutionreach Communication Tools
T1 @StericycleComms Communication Tools
T2 @CareCognitics Vendors Mentioned
T2 @cerner @lumeris Vendors Mentioned
T2 @CitrixHealth Tech-Ecosystem
T2 @Clara_Health Analytics
T2 @deep6ai Analytics
T2 @DellEMCHealth Tech-Ecosystem
T2 @DXCHealth Tech-Ecosystem
T2 @HolonSolutions Vendors Mentioned
T2 @infloio Vendors Mentioned
T2 @KLASresearch Precision Medicine
T2 @LBSolutions Vendors Mentioned
T2 @spectralink Communication Tools
T2 @spoktweets Communication Tools
T2 @telemediq Communication Tools
T2 @TigerConnect Communication Tools
T2 @voalte Communication Tools
T2 @voceracomm Communication Tools
T2 @wkhealth Analytics
T3 @AminoHealth Vendors Mentioned
T3 @ConsejoSano_US Vendors Mentioned
T3 @LivongoHealth Vendors Mentioned
T3 @Lumeon_ Vendors Mentioned
T3 @PicnicHealth Vendors Mentioned
T3 @solutionreach Analytics
T3 @StericycleComms Communication Tools
T4 @CapGemini General
T4 @OscarHealth Insurance
T4 @salesforce Patient Engagement
T4 @ziparico Patient Engagement
T6 @MEDITECH Vendor Selection


The Curated Tweets from the 7/13/18 #HITsm Tweetchat

You can access the curated list of tweets from the 7/13/18 #HITsm Tweetchat here.

Consider joining the #HITsm tweetchat later this week on Friday, 7/20/18 at 9:00am PT where additional topics based on the content shared during last week’s #HITsm chat will be discussed. You can see the topics and details for chat once their posted on the #HITsm chat page later today.

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