API Integration Presents Opportunity for EMR Companies

Fullscript is an online platform that helps integrative medical practitioners dispense and e-prescribe over 20,000 professional-grade supplements, without the need for physical inventory. Its user-friendly workflow and advanced prescribing tool has made Fullscript a leader in the integrative medical e-prescribing space.

With the recent addition of a fully accessible Application Programming Interface (API), the entire Fullscript catalog is now available for integration with industry software partners.

There are currently over 1,000 vendors that offer an EMR software platform. The majority of EMR platforms offer a pharmaceutical e-prescribing solution, however, few offer a nutraceutical e-prescribing solution.

By providing the capability for EMR platforms to integrate with the Fullscript user experience, practitioners can choose the best interventions for their patients, whether that be pharmaceutical and/or nutraceutical/supplement.

“Practitioners are busy! They shouldn’t have to jump back and forth between Fullscript and their EMR to do their work. Our API allows EMR’s to take the best of Fullscript and build it into their platforms with a seamless integration. That way practitioners get the best of both worlds.”

  • Kurtis Funai, VP Engineering – Fullscript

Current Fullscript EMR partners have developed the ability for practitioners to integrate and e-prescribe nutraceuticals in as little as 4 weeks, making it a simple solution and competitive differentiator in a highly competitive EMR software market.

Three partners have launched the integration, with several more in development. The expectation by the end of 2018 is that more than 15 EMR platforms will have developed a Fullscript integration.

Are you an EMR company looking for access to the Fullscript API?

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