Creating Provider Loyalty – And Why Communication Matters

The following is a guest blog post by Chelsea Kimbrough from Stericycle Communication Solutions, as part of the Communication Solutions Series of blog posts. Follow and engage with them on Twitter: @StericycleComms

Chelsea Kimbrough

A few months ago, I was on the hunt for the perfect healthcare provider – and my list of expectations was high. Thankfully, my extensive search paid off. I am happy to report I found an amazing physician who I fully plan on remaining loyal to for years to come! The main reason for this loyalty boils down to one common characteristic: communication. Across every step of my patient journey, I was engaged in a clear, convenient way.

Scheduling my appointment was easy. Like many patients, I enjoy the convenience of online scheduling. But as a first time patient, I opted to pick up the phone to make my appointment. The person who answered my call was friendly, focused, and efficient. I was not asked to repeat information and ended the call more quickly than I anticipated – and with more confidence that I’d made the right choice.

Before my appointment, I received a number of reminders. The first was sent via email a few days before my appointment. When I failed (read: forgot) to reply to it, I received another friendly reminder via text message. This time, I promptly confirmed my appointment. A few days before the appointment, I was invited to pre-check in online. I did this from the comfort of my home computer in just a few minutes. As a digital-minded patient, I was stoked that this was an available perk of my new doctor’s office.

When I arrived, I was thanked for already checking in. Unlike other locations where I needed to fill out additional paperwork upon arrival, I didn’t need to do this often repetitive task. This pleasant surprise allowed me to simply wait to be called back.

During my appointment, the doctor looked me in the eye, asked me genuine questions, and clearly explained anything I wanted to know more about. This level of dedicated attention made me feel genuinely cared for. What’s more, she ensured I understood what to expect after my appointment.

After my appointment, I received the communications I was advised to expect in a timely and unobtrusive manner. What’s more, I was invited to provide candid, anonymous feedback about my appointment. The survey was quick and unobtrusive, and left me feeling as if my opinion was valid and valued.

Each point of my patient journey was met with timely, convenient, and reliable engagement. As a patient, I felt confident and at ease. And as someone who works closely with healthcare communication services and solutions – both human and technology based – I was impressed. Few healthcare organizations provide patient experiences that meet patients’ traditional and digital expectations and reliably deliver on the expectations they set. Those that do, however, are sure to acquire patients like me who will stay loyal for the foreseeable future.

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