Has That Dream Job You Have Been Pursuing Stalled Out? Color Outside The Lines Now

So I never was a kid that was good at coloring inside the lines. Sometimes that is a good thing though. When trying to get a job you really want, there are times that you need to consider bending process and procedures to your timeframe, not someone else’s. You may not be staying in the lines, but it just might get you that job.

An example: My friend Abby recently contacted me to discuss her job search. After a layoff she was pursuing several jobs and had some interest from several tech companies where she had applied. There was one job in particular that she said was her “dream job”. She was frustrated though because, unfortunately, after what appeared to be a lot of interest from the HR team and the hiring manager, things sort of slowed down. The process did not seem to be moving toward a decision. It was particularly hard for her because she felt like she was perfect for the job and even the employer had said they thought so.

I have been a recruiter within IT for 20+ years and she thought I might have some advice, so I met her at Starbucks and accepted a consulting fee in the form of a cup of coffee. The first thing I asked was, “how did you leave it”? I wanted to see whether there was an expectation that had been set for the next step. She said the HR recruiter had told Abby she would get back to her within the next week. It had been 2 weeks and nothing. My friend had emailed the HR recruiter about status about a week prior to our meeting, but had not heard back. She said that “I had heard that normally the process…”

I stopped her right there. “Did you call her?” I said. “Well no, I didn’t want to keep bothering her” Abby said. I then told her that normal people are pulled in 10 different directions during the course of their work day. HR recruiters are pulled in 100. They have a tough, tough, job. In fact, in many cases they appreciate when someone really shows initiative and is persistent (as long as that person is truly a qualified candidate of course).

“Forget about the process. Call her. Tell her you are really excited about the job and want to keep this moving forward – That you would really welcome an opportunity to talk with her further about the position and how qualified you are for it.” I told her to call or email both the HR recruiter and the manager every day for a week if she did not hear. Now I know it shouldn’t be like this but in a case like this, it is the way to get results if you truly believe you are the right person for the job. You have nothing to lose!!! Show your persistence!!!

Sure enough, within a couple days she heard back from both the hiring manager and the HR recruiter and they apologized. They both said they had been slammed and meant to set up another interview to get things moving. A few days later Abby talked with them and then was offered (and accepted) a position with the company. Nice!

My old boss used to say “time kills all deals”. So if you know you are the right person for a job TELL THEM NOW! And don’t be afraid to color outside the lines. Sometimes it makes the best art.

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