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We’re excited to share the topic and questions for this week’s #HITsm chat happening Friday, 3/30 at Noon ET (9 AM PT). This week’s chat will be hosted by Linda Stotsky (@EMRAnswers).

There was a lot of discussion about patient-centric care at #HIMSS18. What is it? Have we changed our approach to patient-centric design and communication?

Enabling patients to feel respected, valued as a person, is a multi-faceted task that involves more than HIPAA compliance. “Being treated with dignity and being involved in decisions are independently associated with positive outcomes”, according to a 2005 abstract in the Annals of Family Medicine. We talk about best practice guidelines and principals, yet how far have we come in the last 13 years since that statement was released?

Patient-centric care is defined as “respectful of and responsive” of individual patient preferences, needs and values. These values guide shared decision making, communication and treatment options, balancing clinical knowledge with patients’ wants, needs, and opinions. There is no “one size fits all” approach.

Patient-centric healthcare changes the paradigm from information and interactions that emanate with the provider, to information and interactions that begin and end with the patient, respecting his/her cultural values, practices and autonomy. Processes of care, progress and prognosis, plus an ability to recognize and respond to a patient empathically, communicate a desire to understand the patient perspective.

Do our present systems limit involvement from a time perspective?  Are we too busy clicking data boxes that we forget to pull away from the screen to engage in a two-way discussion?

Key patient-centered principals include:

  • Respect for the patient voice
  • Care coordination
  • Educational resources
  • Physical and emotional support (empathy)
  • Patient Safety
  • Access to all aspects of care (data, physical access, and communication)

Please join us for this week’s #HITsm chat as we discuss the following:

T1: What is a persistent patient centric approach? #HITsm

T2: Why are we still struggling to meet the educational needs of all patients? #HITsm

T3: How can we close the gaps in care management? #HITsm

T4: Who should carry the patient-centric care flag and lead the progress forward? Payers? DPC? HC Orgs? #HITsm

T5: What are a few “short wins” we can do NOW to improve patient-centric care? #HITsm

Bonus: What do you do when you experience care that is less than patient centric? #HITsm

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