The Road Less Traveled

When browsing social media recently, I saw this incredible image shared by Justin Leader, Executive Group Benefits Advisor at BDS. I want to apply this image a little differently than Justin did, but it’s an image that applies to a wide variety of work and personal situations.

Considering those who read this blog have worked in healthcare, you’re likely all too familiar with this scenario. Are there any decisions on healthcare that are simple?

It’s amazing how we as humans want to take the simple way even if it’s the wrong way. It’s almost part of our nature to take the simplest pathway and avoid the complex one. However, what sets an employee apart is those that spend the time to understand the complex questions to make sure they get the right answer. The simple way seems better until you’re on the path to nowhere. Then, we all wish we’d taken the time to understand the complex.

At the end of the day, along with a pathway to more career success, solving the complex will bring you so much more satisfaction in your work as well. The simple looks easy but will leave you unsatisfied.

If you want an even greater level of career success and satisfaction, spend some time understanding the complex and then figure out how to make that complex simple. The person who can achieve this is a special person that every company wants.

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John Lynn

John Lynn

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  • Since Healthcare IT has become nothing more than a money game, many have descended upon it to milk the hospitals and governments. Look no further than the anti-humanity of the likes of cerner, epic (meditech for gods sake), athenahealth, whose sole existence is to greedily control a marketplace that has nothing to with quality care, just unmitigated greed.

    Instead of interesting articles, we get pieces like this nonsensical paean to…complexity? I guess there are enough mealy-mouthed articles about how AI is going to ‘transform’ or ‘disrupt;’ how the future of hcare IT is gonna make us all rich.

    Given the loathsome toadies who run these companies, and the embarrassing loons running this country, may I say it ain’t gonna get any better for patients, but screw them anyway as they don’t deserve anything at all. Meanwhile orthopedic surgery is the most monumental scam of all time, making the ungodly greed of Monster Pharma look tame.

  • d brown,
    Thanks for commenting. If you want some meatier subject, be sure to check out the other Healthcare Scene blogs. Not sure how this post is non-sensical. Maybe you could explain how you’ve had a different experience. This experience has been mine in so many areas of life and not just healthcare. Would love to hear if you’ve had a different experience.

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