The Power of Appreciation

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how caring for something or someone is a superpower. When you really care about something, it changes so many things in life. This is particularly true for your job and your career. When you care about the work you do, then you work harder, you work more efficiently, and you don’t get as easily distracted by the latest cat meme (or insert your preferred distraction).

Deeply tied to caring is the concept of gratitude. When you care about someone, you’re much more likely to show gratitude and appreciation for that person. Sure, we all take people for granted at times, but when you don’t care about someone it’s very unlikely you’re going to show them gratitude and appreciation.

Why is this important? This quote illustrates why showing gratitude is another incredible superpower for your life and your career.

If you’ve never experienced this principle, then you need to step back, slow down, and start showing those around you that you appreciate them more. I expect most of you have seen this principle in action. If you haven’t seen it from other people, you can think back on your own experience. When you feel appreciated by someone, it’s amazing how much more you’re willing to deliver, no?

The great part of this principle is that it costs nothing to implement. At least it doesn’t cost any money. It does cost humility, unselfishness, and a little time thinking about someone else and showing them you care. That’s what makes appreciation so valuable.

Notice that I returned back to the word care again. Appreciation from someone that doesn’t care comes off as insincere and hollow. When you combine gratitude and appreciation with real sincere desire for someone’s well being, the magic happens.

Have you had good or bad experiences with this? We’d love to hear them in the comments.

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