Patient Centered Design and Business Centered Design with Amy Cueva

During the busy conference season I often shoot a lot of videos and there’s never enough time to process all of the videos I shoot. So, a number of great videos slip through the cracks. Well, as I prepare for another busy fall conference season I realized I never processed the video interview I did with Amy Cueva, Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Mad*Pow, last year at the Connected Health Symposium.

Amy is one of my favorite people in healthcare to talk with because she’s so focused and interested in how we can redesign healthcare with the patient at the center. She was one of the first people I met that talked about user centered design in healthcare or more aptly put patient centered design.

You can learn more about Amy and her company Mad*Pow in the video interview embedded at the bottom of this post. Plus, in the video I asked her about a new thing she’s working on called business centered design. This is something that is needed in healthcare as much as patient centered design. In fact, in many ways, that’s why we created Health IT Expo.

For those who don’t watch the full video interview below, here’s a great quote from our interview with Amy:

What do people really need and want. The way the health system is structured we expect patients to be obedient and adherent and serve us. Well, how do we create a system that serves them and their needs and what’s important to them and design it accordingly because then we’re going to get better results.

Check out our full video interview with Amy Cueva:

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