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As I’ve been preparing to launch a new secret healthcare IT event into the wild, I’ve been going through all the various connections Hospital EMR and EHR and Healthcare Scene have made in the world of Healthcare IT.  It’s really quite extraordinary what 11 years of blogging about healthcare IT provides as far as relationships.  Many people wonder if they should waste their time blogging.  I can assure you that the relationships I’ve made blogging here at Hospital EMR and EHR have provided some of the most amazing opportunities and experiences well beyond what I could have ever imagined.

With this in mind, we want to specifically thank each of the Hospital EMR and EHR sponsors for their support.  If you enjoy the content we create on this site, take a minute to look through these sponsors and see if any of them can help you with some of your pressing challenges.

Galen Healthcare Solutions – We’ve long been admirers of the work they do at Galen Healthcare Solutions.  They were one of the first organizations we interacted with on a blog when talking about EHR conversions.  They’re experts in that space and have also been doing a lot of work in the legacy health IT application space.  Plus, they’ve been providing a bunch of EMR optimization services as well.  If any of these are challenges in your organization, check out how Galen Healthcare Solutions can help.

Intel Health – Most of you have probably seen our series of CIO video interviews that we did that was sponsored by Intel. We have another video coming out shortly where we interviewed one of Intel’s predictive analytics experts as well.  He offers some real practical insights into predictive analytics, where it’s happening today, and where it’s going in the future.  Watch for that video interview coming out shortly.

Conduent – Together with Conduent, we’ve been publishing the Breakaway Thinking blog post series that’s sponsored by the Breakaway Learning Solutions (A Conduent Company). When it comes to EHR training, I know of no one that understands how to train a hospital or healthcare system better than this group.

FormFast – Every healthcare organization uses forms.  However, a lot of them still haven’t realized the value of purchasing a real forms management solution.  If you’re not one of the 1100 healthcare organizations already using FormFast’s forms technology, then take a look at what they offer and how they can make your forms management experience better.  I love how well FormFast has been able to integrate with EHR vendors and now even offer a solution that goes out to patients.

Iron Mountain – Healthcare Scene has been doing a whole series of blog posts for the Iron Mountain blog.  Many of you know Iron Mountain, but did you know they have a whole suite of IT and data center services along with their records management, document imaging, data management, secure shredding, etc?

MRO – Since we started HIM Scene, we’ve gotten deeper and deeper into the world of Health Information Management (HIM…or Medical Records if you’re old school like that).  We’re really happy to have MRO sponsoring HIM Scene including providing some great HIM related content.

HIPAA One – HIPAA One’s goal is to make managing HIPAA Risk Assessments easy and effective.  If you’re an organization that’s had to think about how to manage a large array of business associates and if those business associates have done a proper HIPAA risk assessment, take a minute to look at what HIPAA One can offer.  If you ever get a HIPAA audit, you’ll be glad you did your risk assessment using HIPAA One.

MedicaSoft – This is a brand new sponsor for us, but we’re happy to have them sponsoring Healthcare Scene. Along with offering a full EHR solution, Medicasoft also is seeing a lot of traction with their Paitent Portal solution and their interoperability solutions. I love the way MedicaSoft describes their solutions: “Innovative Healthcare IT Products Built with Modern Technology.” I know this is what many would like to see in healthcare.

Stericycle Communication Solutions – A lot of people know of Stericycle, but not enough people know about Stericycle Communication Solutions. They provide a wide variety of communication solutions for healthcare including patient reminders, call center services, patient self scheduling and much more.  Be sure to check out their Communication Solution Series of blog posts.

Hopefully I didn’t leave anyone out. As you can see we have a great group of companies that support Hospital EMR and EHR. We’re lucky to have them as supporters of the work we do. I’m sure that some of these companies can help you deal with the challenges you’re facing at your hospital or health system.  If you want to join this great group of companies, you can find information about advertising on Hospital EMR and EHR here.

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John Lynn

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