The Evolution of Forms in Healthcare – Working to Empower the Patient

I recently had a chance to see a demo of the new FormFast Connect product which empowers the patient to complete all their healthcare forms at home or wherever they may be.  Talking with FormFast was really informative since they are the experts at healthcare forms with over 1100 customers using their technology to handle the sometimes messy job of healthcare forms management.

It’s worth taking a second to look at the evolution of forms in healthcare.  Everyone remembers the stack of pre-printed forms at registration and the nursing station.  Then, over time, FormFast and others started creating bar coded forms that could easily be scanned and integrated into your IT systems using document workflow management software.  Shortly after that we started to see forms generated on demand with patient information printed dynamically.  Then, we moved to electronic forms and eSignature capabilities which converted the analog paper form model into a digital one.  The natural next step in the evolution of forms is to push the forms out to the patient outside of the four walls of the hospital.  That’s what FormFast Connect does and is a great evolution of the FormFast product.

We all know that filling out forms in the doctor’s office or hospital registration area is suboptimal.  Many patients don’t have the information with them to fill the forms out completely and the waiting room or registration desk often create a rushed environment to complete the forms.  In fact, many organizations have resorted to making time consuming, expensive phone calls to patients in order to collect the pre-registration paper work they need from the patient.

This is why an online form solution, like FormFast Connect, that is completed by the patient before the visit is going to be an important tool for every hospital.  The reality is that patients are starting to expect the same kind of online conveniences they experience in their normal life in healthcare.  Filling out forms electronically before a patient visit is one area where healthcare can provide a much improved online experience that mirrors the conveniences provided by other industries.

The real question is why has it taken so long for healthcare to create and adopt these solutions?  Many EHR vendors offer some half baked form options in their patient portal, but that’s exactly the problem.  A half baked form option in your patient portal doesn’t really address the issue.  Forms management is a challenging problem and most EHR vendors have been too busy worrying about regulations and other requirements that they haven’t created a high quality forms management solution.

For example, we know that the majority of patients now have some sort of cell phone or mobile device that they would like to use when filling out pre-registration forms.  Any form solution that pushes to the patient outside of the hospital needs to provide a mobile optimized option for the patient or it will likely fail to engage the patient in completing the forms.  Most EHR vendor forms aren’t mobile optimized and thus fail to achieve the desired outcome.  Plus, it’s not enough for the form to be mobile optimized for the patient.  The form must also create an output that is legally structured for the provider and the legal medical record.  Sounds easy, but I assure you it is not and EHR vendors haven’t executed across all these areas in the forms they offer.

One exciting part of a mobile optimized form solution is it opens up a number of opportunities that were a challenge previously.  For example, mobile devices can easily snap a picture of the patient’s insurance card as part of the form completion process.  The same goes for an electronic signature which is easily captured on a mobile device thanks to all the great touch screen technology found in all our mobile devices these days.  I’m also interested to see how smart form technology continues to evolve and improve as data becomes more liquid in healthcare and certain portions of the form can auto complete for you.

It’s great that we’re finally pushing form completion out to the patient where they can do it in a convenient, comfortable environment.  This is valuable to the patient who enjoys a better experience and for the hospital who receives better quality information.  Plus, even if the patient elects not to fill out the forms before the visit, this is one more opportunity for the hospital to build a relationship with the patient outside of the hospital.  That relationship is going to be key in the new world of value based reimbursement.

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